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Universe Speaks ~ Seeing the Unseen

Written by-Susan Daily Citizen of Humanity, first and foremost. Content Creator, Interior Designer, Guest Blogger.  Follow Susan on Instagram  It does you know ~ speak to us, that is.  Subtly, over time creating lines of communique as unique as a fingerprint. Fine-tuning itself, whittling away the superfluous and extraneous. In…


It is Not Your Job to Figure Out the HOW!

Finally got it all set up! I am so hyped. I received this gift from an Indigo Room Subscriber and Donor, Thursday 9/12/19. They wish to remain anonymous, but I know who they are.🙏😊 I shall honor their request. I am so very thankful. This workstation, laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse…


Divine Timing: My Book, Mind Garden of Eden

For two years I was locked out of my original Amazon account which housed my book, Mind Garden of Eden. I could not access it because my account had been hacked. I went back and forth with Amazon for the last two years trying to prove that I was indeed…


And I AM Back!

If you are still following this blog, thank you!


Neville Goddard Resurrection – Are There Manifesting Secrets in the Bible? – What is the Sabbath?

So We Got the Sabbath Wrong Too?! We dig deep with Neville about what the Sabbath really is. So apparently all we’ve been told about the Sabbath is incorrect too? “Are There Manifesting Secrets in the Bible?” series continues with Pt 4 from Resurrection by Neville Goddard. Thoughts become things.


An Atheist Journey to Becoming God w/Ford 10/12/07 8pm Episode-34

Click Here for Episode -34 Ford Ford isn’t your father’s music producer. The 37 year old writer and producer works in the genre of today’s most popular electric dance music. Highly regarded as Americas Top producer of commercial dance music, his anthems have become the crescendo of every Radio…

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8 Monkeys The Good News and The God News: You Create Your Reality

Sent to me today by a friend…and I have to say life does feel like this sometimes…but the good news the, God news is that we have the the ability to change our thoughts and our feelings thereby changing our reality….even if it seems strange to the rest of the…


Popping Your Brain & Other Creating Brain Games 10/8/07 8pm EST Episode-33

Click Here for Episode-33 “The Frontal Lobes Supercharge” and “Have Fun”, easy to use do-it-yourself manuals for turning on untapped areas of each and every persons’ brain- “the other 90%”. These revolutionary lessons let any person access pre-existing circuits for creativity, intelligence, and pleasure with methods and exercises proven under…


Create Your Own Indigo Room Announcement

Whether you listen to our show live, are a regular subscriber or occasional down loader you are eligible to your own announcement an possibly have it aired on a future episode. This month 10/07 we invite you to make your own Indigo Room Announcement. Send it in and we may…


Creating My Dream:Business Unusual w/Denise Allen 10/05/07 8pm EST Episode-32

Denise Allen Episode 32 If you have a passion for something and are wondering how can I make a living at it, join us as we chat with our guest Denise Allen. Needle work may not be your passion but the principles for unfolding your dream and passion are the…

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