About Sydney Chase

Sydney Chase is a Mother, Healer, Counselor, Actress, Entrepreneur, Shaman, Inspirational Speaker, Jewelry Artist, and Author of “Mind Garden of Eden”. Sydney is presently the Host of The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality, which has been live since 2007. 

Sydney grew up in a very strict religious background first as a Pentecostal then her parents become Jehovah’s Witnesses and there she remained until she managed to get herself thrown out of the JW religion at a very young age.  This devastated her to her core because being a part of this religion was the only thing she ever knew. All of her friends and family stopped speaking to her and would no longer associate with her. She felt alone, lost and unloved by God for quite some time.  Trying to find answers in her life, or for someone to just tell her what to do so she could do the right thing, she studied the Koran, read the Torah, followed the Buddha and even became a Born Again Christian.   

Though her Bible was a mainstay of her spiritual diet, what she becomes aware of, was, all of the teachings she was studying there was a familiar truth shared by them all.  It wasn’t until she read Celestine Prophecy, it so completely knocked her socks off that she officially began her spiritual journey in 1995. She began feverishly reading as many books as she could find to assist her with evolving and becoming more enlightened and in-lightened.

As Sydney continued on her life’s journey she started and created several successful businesses, one being her favorite, Planetude 1.  She brought this business from her kitchen table to successfully opening her own store one block away from the WTC. Sydney created all of the products sold in the store, jewelry, and gifts designed from recycled paper.  She received many awards and accolades for the innovative and unique concept of “Sharing an attitude of Planetude” through her designs.

In 2002 Sydney was initiated at the highest level of all her Shaman Mother’s initiates and became a Shaman with the Garifuna Tribe from Honduras.  Sydney credits her Shaman Mother Arzu Titus for assisting her to evolve even further.

In 2005 Sydney decided to embark on a journey she has had a love for since a child, she became an Actress. Sydney currently has 11 acting projects under her belt.  You can check out Maya’s Soul on Amazon or YouTube

2007 Sydney created The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality podcast on Talkshoe.com

2012 Author, Mind Garden of Eden.

2018 Sydney created the Indigo Room on YouTube and is live twice weekly.