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  • Fake it till You Make it?

    Is fake it till You make & law of assumption and law of attraction all the same thing? Many people get these two things confused. One is a concept or idea and the other is a universal law. You may have heard that term Fake it till You Make it or…

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  • Feel Good Quick Exercise: Tickle Your Amygdala

    What is an Amygdala? Tickle your amygdala sounds kind of raunchy, but trust me it isn’t.  I didn’t even know what an amygdala was until I met Neil Slade! There are things you just don’t know until you do some research and then you know. The amygdala is an almond-shaped section of…

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  • Clear Negative Energy

    Clear Negative Energy from Yourself, Money & Home | Sage & Wood Cleansing When you clear negative energy your vibrations rise! It is not too difficult to do when you have sage and/or palo santo wood.  I like to burn both at the same time, however, you can burn either…

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The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality with me, Sydney Chase, is based on the fact that we are spiritual beings having physical human experiences. And life is supposed to be fun, beautiful & delicious even when it’s Wicky Wacky!

What do I mean by Wicky Wacky? I am sure like me you’ve felt negative feelings. So I created this phrase to use instead of negative because negative sounds, well too negative!

Is your life full of negative wicky wacky experiences, situations and emotions? This is the place for you.

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You can join us live every Sunday at 7:30 pm Eastern, New York time and 4:30 pm Pacific Time , directly on YouTube.  I share tips and tools I have used and found to help let go of negativity, lack, fear, doubt and worry so you can manifest the life you desire. You can also watch The Indigo Room Live on our website here.


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  • Walk by Faith Not By Sight

    WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT Lecture by Neville Goddard Neville Goddard   When we walk by faith not by sight, we leave the world of appearances and move more in step with what we are creating in our own wonderful human imagination. What does that even mean? We read…

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  • Create A Digital Vision Board or Treasure Map (2022)

    Create a digital vision Board or Treasure Map in 2022. It is never too late to create. Have it at the ready on your phone all year long, for free! Vision Boards and Treasure Maps have come a long way since we cut out photos and pasted them on paper…

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