I AM Consciousness, Imagination & Intuition Coaching with Sydney Chase

I AM Consciousness, Imagination & Intuition Coaching – Sydney Chase

I am an I AM Consciousness, Imagination and Intuition Coach and Shaman. Yes, that is a very long title. But that is what I AM hence Triple I’s Coaching. So for the sake of brevity, when I reference Triple I’s Coaching you will know what I am talking about.

If you are unfamiliar with me and who I AM, you can take a peek here at About Sydney Chase to find out more.

We all create the reality we live in and as Einstein says, “You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result”. What do you want to be, do and have that you are not currently experiencing?

You may not realize you have limiting beliefs about yourself and your world or perhaps you do but have not yet figured out how to break those chains that are stopping you from being, having and doing what you desire. It is up to us to take the reigns to be, do & have what we desire to manifest in our lives!

My coaching techniques will help you to recognize the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the world you currently experiencing as your reality. I will also share with you how to break the the chains of those limiting beliefs which are holding you back and help you step into your own Divine Energy and Own it! I am still finding limiting beliefs that I didn’t know were lurking within from my past, present and even my future reality.

Your Lower Self vs. Your Higher Self

We all each have a higher self and a lower self. Our higher self is the part of us that resides within yet lives in a higher realm. We can connect to our higher-selves to receive information from a higher perspective to solve challenges in our lives. Often our lower self is  spoken of in derogatory or negative terms.  Like saying I am sorry I was coming from my lower self and never actually spending anytime understanding who or what our lower self is. Trust me we need both here in the 3rd Dimension. Your lower self is an actual being just like your higher self and resides within you in your sacral chakra or your gut is is your intuition. It can and does give you guidance as well. However, your lower self has for eons been enshrouded with our negative emotions and has selves we experience our reality from. There are ways you can assist and love your lower self to assist you to solve challenges in your life. During our coaching sessions we will find those negative emotions that you may have encased your lower self in and dissolve them.

You really are a Divine Being, you just may not realize it yet. Your first assignment is to repeat daily at least 10 times I AM A Divine Being. I AM Rich. I AM Healthy. I AM Free and I AM Success.

Initially, we will spend 30 minutes together at no cost to you. During a zoom call, we will determine if we are a good fit for each other.  If you find value in what we discuss during those 30 minutes then we will establish the best coaching package that will work for you. Oh, and by the way, some days will feel hard and messy and some days will feel easy and fun. But the one thing I want you to know is, I will not quit nor give up on you. The only way this will NOT WORK is if YOU quit and give up on YOU!

Where in your life can you advocate or be a cheerleader for you? How can you windmill (that means to stand up and fight) for you to create or manifest your desires and in your own reality? What areas of your life would you like to improve? Think about that for a while before you make the call or send the email.  Write it down and have it handy.

If you are interested in a Triple I’s Coaching consultation you can Email me theindigoroom2@gmail.com or call me at 201 -855-9898 for more information or schedule your free 30-minute consultation.  I am not sure this is for you but, check out our AAPT Group Coaching  for August thru December 2022 which includes Private one on one coaching with me as well.

You can also connect with me directly on Volley! What is Volley? A messaging app with a flair for video! To Find out more click the link below: