Mind Garden of Eden E-Book

Re-Conditioning Your Mind to begin to accept, express and Imagine your Reality. I have found before you can become those things you wish to be, do or have, we must first condition our minds to accept new ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Re-conditioning our minds is as necessary to me as breathing, eating and sleeping.  This book was written based on the writings of Neville Goddard, The Bible and The Metaphysical Bible reference by Charles Fillmore. It is a labor of love and two years in the making. Written by Sydney Chase host of The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality Talkshow   Please make sure when ordering this e-book the send your email you would like it delivered to.

“Only $2.99 not because it is of little Value. On the contrary I feel it is of great Value and anyone who would like to purchase it can. It is my hope that it will assist you while you patiently wait for the release of Imaginal Acts coming soon.” Sydney Chase

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