Believing and Knowing

cartoon with text Neville Goddard and Abdullah.Good New Day You delicious Indigo beings of the Indigo Room. I hope you slept in the wish fulfilled and you woke up that way.

Think about something that you Know. What does that feel like? Are you sitting and a chair right now? If you are sitting in a chair right now, do you believe you are sitting in a chair right now or do you know you are sitting in a chair right now? They are two totally different feeling vibrations.

Belief means there is some doubt, you are not sure, and you do not know.

Knowing is I just know, I know that I know that I know.

That is the difference. Knowing has no doubt. Belief most times is filled with doubt.

So when I say to you act like you as if, I mean act like you know.

Have a delicious day!

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