Clear Negative Energy

Clear Negative Energy from Yourself, Money & Home | Sage & Wood Cleansing

When you clear negative energy your vibrations rise! It is not too difficult to do when you have sage and/or palo santo wood.  I like to burn both at the same time, however, you can burn either or to clear negative energies.

Palo Santo Wood and Sage is considered sacred by many energy healers and shamans. But you do not need any one specific person to do this for you.  If you do not have access to a Shaman or Healer directly, you can do this yourself.

What type of Sage should I use?

  1. The sage you use should be White Sage. This is not the sage you use to cook the Thanksgiving Turkey with or the sage that is used for seasoning.
  2. Burning sage which is growing in your back yard, unless it is white sage, does not have the benefits of clearing negative energy.

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Other Herbs you can add if you choose

  • Lavender (I purchase my lavender oils from here . This site belongs to a very good friend of mine and the products she represents are premium)
  • Juniper
  • Mugwort

How to Burn Sage and Palo Santo Wood

  1. Make sure you have a fire proof container to burn your sage in.
    • A clay pot
    • A half shell from the ocean
  2. Only use the specific container you have chosen for smudging. It is to remain your sacred container.


  1. Keep your windows open. Why? To allow the negative energies an escape root.
  2. Make sure that your area is well ventilated so you can breathe and you do not set off your smoke detectors.

Prayer and Lighting Sage/Wood

  1. Find a prayer you can say during the saging smudging process. There are many online.
  2. You can google a prayer that resonates with you or you can use mine in the video below. I have often used The Lords Prayer as well.
  3. I use a white candle most times to light sage and sacred wood.
  4. Be sure not to leave the candle unattended. If you don’t have a candle use a match (preferably wood) or a lighter.
  5. You may need to blow on the sage stick or wood to get it burning.
  6. Remember to keep the sage stick or wood over your container as sometimes errant burning embers will fly around. We don’t wanting you setting yourself or  home on fire. Just be mindful and careful.

Alternatives for Allergies : Mists and Oils

  1. Be mindful if  you  or someone around you is allergic to the smoke. You can achieve a similar effect with oils or spray mists as well.
  2. Applying the oil to the body and areas of your space or home you want to cleanse instead of smoke.


Don’t Worry if There is a lot of smoke.

  1. I find when there is quite a bit of smoke that means there is quite a bit of negative energy and the sage or wood is doing it’s job. That has been my experience.
  2. When there is less smoke is an indication that the negative energies in the space are cleansed.
  3. Wave the smoke towards the areas you are wanting to cleanse. You can use a feather, fan or your hand to wave the smoke.
  4. If you are smudging your living space or an inside space, bring your sage and wood down low and then move up. Get in all of the nooks and crannies, cabinet spaces and corners. I sage my closets, underneath my bed and dressers with the drawers open.
  5. If you are smudging yourself or another person, begin with the feet and work your way around the entire body up to the head and continue waving the smoke towards the open window.
  6. Once you have completed your smudging Thank God for the clean energies and turn the sage and wood upside down in your container and let it burn out. I like to keep mine burning because I enjoy the smoke. It is entirely up to you and your practice.
  7. Remember to blow out your candle.
  8. Once you have completed your smudging smoke cleansing you can dump the ashes outside back to the earth. It is a showing of respect to do so.

How Often should I smudge?

There have been times where I have had to smudge daily and often. I have found listening to my inner guidance, intuition always gives me clear direction when to smudge. Listen to yours.

You can clear negative energy from any item.

I clear negative energy from my money, crystals and items that I use often.

After I clear my apartment it feels lighter, the same applies to myself. I always feel lighter after a good smudging.

Try it for yourself and leave a comment below.