Create Your Own Indigo Room Announcement

Whether you listen to our show live, are a regular subscriber or occasional down loader you are eligible to your own announcement an possibly have it aired on a future episode.

This month 10/07 we invite you to make your own Indigo Room Announcement. Send it in and we may play it on the show. Here is what you do. Record your voice into an mp3 or wave file, no longer than 45 seconds. Create a free profile on our social network upload your file to the music player on your profile, make sure you check the box to make it available for download, then email us at with Indigo Room Announcement in the subject to let us know it’s available. Use your own style and make it fun. Please, just your voice with no additional music or background sounds. Make your Announcement as clear as possible. What to say in your Announcement.

“Welcome to The Indigo Room, where we discuss all things spiritual. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. We Create Our Reality. Life is supposed to be Good. My name is (add your name), I listen to The Indigo Room from (add your country, and city) and I love the Indigo Room because(add your reason why).”

If your announcement is selected we will add it to two live episodes of our show. Have fun and get to creating your announcement