day 1Today was day one of my self-imposed 30 day diet of not complaining. Quite interesting as I took notice of wanting to complain about things in my office at work. Today was hard for me, a bit..not to complain about crazy customers but I caught myself several times. And just blessed them as I was about to lay into them with my  sarcastic wit. 3 big times I was able to turn the entire interaction around. It seemed as if they all knew about my challenge and chose to help me out, however, my day went quite smoothly.

Then something really cool happened at lunch. As I was standing in line in our cafe, the gentleman in front of me turned and said I will pay for her lunch as well. Huh? Who me? LOL Yes he says. I was floored and a bit giddy. Turns out he is one of the Metropolitan Opera Stars, Vittorio Grigolo! Such a sweet gesture, from a very kind and might I add good looking man. Thank you Vittorio!

I also heard so many wonderful stories from the people who decided to embark on this challenge with me today. If this is what day 1 turned into I am excited about what will show up on day 30! Day 2 I am ready for you!

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