Designer Holly Riddel/Creating My Dream Series Monday 1/28/08 @8pmEDT Episode-66

Designer Holly Riddel/Creating My Dream Series


“I realize that we change the world when we change ourselves. One thought, one action, one belief… one day at a time. The truth is, all you have to do is look inside. All that you desire begins with your thoughts. Just Believe! We have the ability to create anything we want in life. The challenge is in stopping the pattern of negative thoughts.~~~Holly Riddel

Holly Riddel is the designer and creator of Inside Out Ring, Dedication Ring and I Do Ring.

Do you ever think to yourself, I wish I had a reminder for myself, a trigger for myself, to remind myself that I do indeed create from within? Or maybe you would like to give someone else this wonderful reminder as a gift….Join us as we chat with designer of Inside Out Rings… Holly Riddel, as she explains the concept and benefit of having this extra tool right on your finger…: ))))