The strange thing to Me is that when the students’ attention has been once drawn to the All-Power of
the “I AM Presence”—which is the Only Active Principle of Life they have, God in Action within and about them—they cannot or do not see that they are dividing the power when the attention is fixed on outer things, and but delaying the magnificent activity and accomplishment which the “I AM Presence” would otherwise bring forth. However, having gone through the mill, so to speak, We have Infinite Patience to wait until the beloved student can grasp his Scepter of Dominion of this “Mighty I AM Presence” and hold it.
The I AM Discourses Vol 3.
Mighty I AM Presence! Turn me from that human experience! Take it into oblivion and make me forget it forever.
Adorations & Affirmations, I AM Discourses, Vol 5.