Everything Always Works Out For Me

Good New Day you delicious Indigo Beings of the Indigo Room. I hope you slept in the wish fulfilled and you woke up that way.

I definitely did and have been determined to do so each and every night, even when I don’t want to or haven’t seen a shift in my reality.

Neville’s brother did it every day for two years straight before his dream came to pass.

How quickly and often have you given up on your own dreams and desires. I not talking about surrender I am talking about just quitting on your own self?

Many of us do quit, give up and then get angry with God cause our prayers weren’t answered. You have to have faith and faith also requires some action on our part.

Good thoughts and feelings about your dreams are actions you can take anytime and it costs you nothing except releasing old thoughts and feelings.

How about using this as a replacement thought, “Everything Always Works Out For Me!”

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