Going with The Flow, One Year Anniversary Show July 7 @ 8pm

On Monday June 30, 2008 I was all prepared to for our show coming back Live on Air.

We had a power outtage here which lasted til the next day, and that meant I had no internet access right along with it. Ack!!! No show. Needless to say I was frustrated, aggravated and downright annoyed. LOL. It was a circumstance that was out of my control. I could let the situation control me or I could control what I did have control over. My feelings about the situation.

Well what a delicious opportunity to Focus! Feel Good! Let it Go! and Go with the Flow!

My what a delicious night I had playing Boggle with my oldest son by candlelight. He beat me 2 games out of three..teeheee . We laughed so hard we were in tears. Who knows why the lights went out at that particular time. All I do know is being stressed about it was not a good feeling. So I chose to focus my attention on things that felt good to me.

So now our Live return will fall on our One Year Anniversary of being on the air. So it works for me! Fun. Hope you have the opportunity to join our show on Monday July 7 at 8pm Eastern time.

On a fun note you just gotta love it when someone focuses on their dream regardless of what others say. Kudos to Dara Torres for qualifying to join the Olympic Team at 41. Dara You Rock!!! And Congratulations from The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality.

To read this amazing story go to The NY Times