Imagine Better Than The Best You Know

Time for Spring Cleaning?

Spring is my favorite season. It brings with it re-birth, renewal, rejuvenation and resurrection. We shed our heavy winter garments, we open our windows, we stretch and awaken from our seemingly dead-frozen slumber to life re-born.

Nature, not to be held back, raises its head to sing to all who will listen, “Arise! Awaken! Let us begin, again!”

Spring for me, usually brings along with it the deep urge to purge, to clear out clutter, to get myself organized, to clean, clean, clean! I get happy just folding up and packing away the blankets, sweaters, heavy coats in exchange for pulling out the flip flops, short sleeved shirts and sunglasses. It feels good too, to clean up the yard, clearing out the weeds, planting new seeds. How about you? I spend a great amount of time doing my physical Spring cleaning. I believe most of us do. I’m asking you as I’ve asked myself this year, can I be as methodical with my mental spring cleaning?

Nature shares with us one constant truth, “It is never too late to begin again.” It is never to late to begin to resurrect those old dreams and desires, take them off the shelf, dust them off  to give them a breath of fresh air and a new life.

What are We Supporting?

We are either supporting our desires from doubt or from faith, we cannot serve two masters. And we do this in our own wonderful human imaginations all day long. I say, its time to Imagine Better Than The Best We Know. Clear our minds from the weeds of doubt, fear and worry which would choke our dreams to death if we let them.

Ask yourself, as I am asking myself this Spring, what is one desire/dream haven’t  I given my full attention and Imagination to? Is it a screenplay, a novel or book you started to write but didn’t finish. Is it a trip you’ve wanted to take but didn’t believe you had the time or money to go? Is it losing weight? Gaining weight? Is it spending more quality time with your family and friends? Starting that business? Selling your home or moving into a new one? I have but I am choosing this Spring to focus on only one. Whatever it is to you, either great or small, choose only one and fully immerse yourself in imagining it already done. Go straight to the end of it completed every day for the next 30 days or more if necessary. Challenge yourself. Test yourself.

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