Manifestation Mondays/The Butterfly Experiment

Manifestation Stories from people using The Law
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Every Third Monday on The Indigo Room is Manifestation Mondays…: ) We have a guest of course at the top of our show then we open the floor to The Indigo Room Chat room to discuss LOA (Law of Attraction Stories) So if you have a story that you would like to share….please do join us. No Story is too small or too large to share. Maybe you manifested a button, a dollar, a smile, a hug, a new expanded thought, a shift in your vibration or awareness. Your story may not feel significant to you or seem small but I have to say…that everyone has a story that encourages another to reach higher or to expand their own thoughts…so don’t be shy…: ) All is well and I know you have a story to tell…: ) Show ID # 33443 The Indigo Room

We would also like to welcome a new addition to The Indigo Room Family, Ms. Abiola Abrams.
Each and every Monday at 8:45pm join us for The Goddess Factory Moment with Abiola Abrams.

With that I want to tell you about our Guest for our Manifestation Mondays series this month.

Join us on Monday August 20, 2007 when we chat with Lori Hahmann. Lori has started a unique experiment called The Butterfly Experiment. And we, Diana and I thought she would fit right into our Manifestation Mondays Series rather well. She is alot of fun and you are going to enjoy listening and chatting with her. Join us as we particpate with Lori in The Butterfly Experiment. Here is a little bit about Lori and The Butterfly Experiment.

Lori Hahmann

Lori has worked with women and men from all walks of life…on relationships, career goals or changes, finding your passion in life, creating more money, work and life balance, reducing stress, managing overwhelm, finding peace, creating health and wellbeing, releasing blocks and limiting beliefs….Her background: * Masters degree in Counseling from UW Oshkosh * Bachelors degree in Sociology from the UW Green Bay * Formal Coach training from Coach University * Certified Tele-class Leader by Thomas Leonard * Certified Strategist by Thomas Leonard * Certified to facilitate the Personal Foundation Program * Certified College and Career Coach by LifeGuides * Advanced training in energy and metaphysics-University of Integrated Science California * Certified Tachyon Healing Practitioner * Certified Adamantine Healing System Practitioner * Level III SYNERGIA Practitioner


You will learn about the Law of Attraction, setting intention, and allowing things to flow in life…namely, for the purpose of this experiment…BUTTERFLIES!

For years my children and I have “called” them in, and I began to think about how wonderful it would be to have a group of us come together and do this as a manifestation exercise….wow and no kidding…as I write this a butterfly just flew past my window. Love it. For more information go to , to join in the experiment and participate click here and send a blank email to