Nick Rampley-Sturgeon Author of The Money Seminar Returns to The Indigo Room

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Last week we had our 9th Episode on Talkshoe and our Guest was Nick Rampley-Sturgeon from the UK. He gave us wonderful insights to the thoughts we are thinking when we are thinking about money. He also gave us interesting techniques to improving our relationship with money. It was an Awesome show with alot of guest participation. Well Nick is returning to The Indigo Room Friday August 10 with part two of You and Your Money. Make sure you have your pens, pencils, crayons..: ) and some paper to write down the Awesome information Nick is ready to share with us. Also please do stop by his website at for free downloads and some very helpful podcasts. You will be glad you did.

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Hosted by: Sydney Chase
Title: EPISODE11 – You and Your Money Pt 2 Nick Rampley-Sturgeon
Time: 08/10/07 08:00 PM EDT
Description: We are welcoming back at 8:15 pm EST Nick Rampley-Sturgeon for part two of You and Your Money, developing a better relationship. Yes you can create a better relationship with your money and Nick has some useful techniques to share. Do check out episode 9 for Pt 1. The second half of our show we will be discussing The Importance of Feeling Good, and changing the false images we carry around about ourselves with me Sydney Chase your host and Diana Kessler, Producer. Book of The Month for August Discussion, Play 17 Seconds with us, Get The Word and Thought of the Day, Hear our Good News Segment.

Hosted by: Sydney Chase
Title: EPISODE9 – You & Your Money: Nick Rampley-Sturgeon
Time: 08/03/07 08:00 PM EDT
Description: Nick Rampley-Sturgeon is an Author, Speaker, and Information Publisher. Join us as we chat with Nick about YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY? GET SOME ANSWERS – AND ATTRACT MORE FUNDS – TODAY! Looking for some guidance? Want to see more Cash coming to you? Wondering about the Credit Card and those surprise bills? Nick has created and launched a fresh site around some of his books on the themes of Personal Finance, the Law of Attraction, Manifesting and principles of Abundance. Using years of observation and experience of working with Property Investors and Small Business Owners, the new book gives you the secrets of the successful financial thinking that ordinary people have used to create their intended results. Sign up at the Money Seminar today and you can immediately enjoy being a part of this. Take advantage of the Newsletters, e-Books, Video postcards and Podcasts available to you from the site.

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