Our POWER in our own Wonderful Imagination

This new day I awoke kinda late for me..9:25am My feet didn’t hit the floor though until around 9:30am due to the new day ritual of greetings from Ms Cleopatra. She loves to give new good rising kisses as I am sure many of you who have dogs and cats know of which I speak.

I did my usual opening my eyes, stretching, sitting on the edge of my delicious bed, pulling up the shade so Ms. Cleopatra and I could see the new day from my window. (Mmmm cloudy today). Next movement, heading to the bathroom for me, then moving down the stairs to allow Ms Cleopatra to relieve herself. By the time I was sitting in my kitchen with my cup of coffee, pen in hand and journal open it dawned on me. Because now it was about 10am. It dawned on me that in the short span of 35 minutes or so, I had numerous different thoughts which had entered my mind.

Whew! Was my first journal entry this new day.

This dawning has occurred to me before. I mean how many thoughts had actually passed through my mind in that 35 minutes of time. As I looked back from the moment that I was awake and fully aware..there had to be no less, no less than about 60 different thoughts. Some drifted in and quickly faded..others I actually entertained. I actually wrote down all the different thoughts I remembered I had in that span of 35 minutes. That’s alotta thinking first thing in the new day, multiply that by an hour, then by 16 waking hours..you get where I am going here.

I noticed something..though the people, the situations, ideas and concepts that ran through my delicious mind were not all together different, some were. Some were just my usual everyday thoughts, bathroom, looking out the window, coffee, they were habitual, and so were the feelings, no burning desires there..they just were. I didn’t expect anything very different from them. : ) The most interesting thing to me were the thoughts that I entertained..the ones I allowed to visit with for a while. Not all of those were entirely new, but I had new feelings about them. I was seeing them from a different concept of myself, and believe you me, some of them used to drive me doozybots, if you have ever listened to an episode of  The Indigo Room, some of them used to make me Wicky Wacky. Or as Abraham would say I’d be paddling upstream.

Upstream thoughts, Wicky Wacky, thoughts DO NOT feel good AT ALL.

Let me just say there were some same thoughts that I had even last week, same ones, that when I shot through my mind today, no Wicky Wackiness at all.

How does this happen? How do the same exact thoughts I had last week that made me feel all upstream, all full of resistance, ALL WICKY WACKY, show up dressed in totally different feelings? PRACTICE!!

Practice of staying in my own Wonderful, Delicious, Awesome, human imagination. I tell you Practice and Persistance is key to changing your feelings about thoughts that change your concept of self, and change what you see and describe in your world, in your experience.

I have been reading Neville and immersing myself in his writings and his recordings, and to me they are so in line with Abraham talking about staying in the Vortex. Folks would ask me well how do you get in the Vortex and stay there? Heck I used to ask myself the same question. Some days I would be in the Vortex and other days I couldn’t find the Vortex if it was sitting directly in front of me. And believe the Vortex is always right under our noses..

What have I been practicing in the last several weeks that is so different from a few months ago. It is me losing myself so totally and completely in my own wonderful imagination, that you could not tell me what I am imagining is not real as real as the keys I am typing on right now. That’s POWER as my Grandma Ruby T would have said.

This weekend I went to her Amazing Homegoing Celebration. And indeed it was the most amazing Homegoing (Funeral for those of you that have never heard of a homegoing) I’ve ever attended. It was something about her that I heard during the services, which I didn’t know before. So many people talked about my Grandma having the POWER. What POWER? Her unflinching POWER of belief for whatever she was asking God/Source for in her physical reality. I never got to speak with my Grandma about this POWER but I am inclined to believe it’s that POWER Abraham and Neville speaks of. To lose yourself so completely in your assumption of something being so, that it hardens into FACT. To lose yourself so completely in the act of doing, being, having in your own imagination, that an earthquake couldn’t shake your resolve.

Abraham says 17 seconds of pure positive thought, of what we want to be do or have, without us contradicting ourselves is worth 2000 action hours. To me it means 2000 action hours are removed from our experience. Ways and means open up that we in our own thought process could not figure out all of the details to bring it about. Neville says find or create an event that you would experience, or a state you would be in had that thing you desire to be do or have were actually true now, and go into a state akin to sleep a drowsy state and fully imagine ourselves doing the act we’d do had our desire manifested in our outer world.

So for example what would you be doing if lets say your desire was a promotion at work? One act you could imagine in your imagination is a friend congratulating you, shaking your hand. But just don’t leave it there. Don’t just watch yourself doing it as if on a movie screen. Truly place yourself in the ACT. Feel your friend’s hand in yours as if it’s happening right now, be there now. Just practice that one event over and over in your own imagination. He also says if you can’t do that..as you drift off to sleep at night find a simple phrase, that feels good to you and repeat it over and over..like simply “Thank you”, “Thank you” or for me I say, “Isn’t this delicious?” and “Thank you”. Isn’t what delicious? All that I desire is now in my physical reality as it is in my wonderful imagination.

What a delicious combination for us to play with. 17 seconds of doing the act. Be a doer not just a visualizer. Be a doer in your own wonderful imagination. Do it as you drift off to sleep at night. Do it on your break from work. Do it while you are walking your dog. Be the state you would be had you been on a beach sipping mimosas right here and now. Practice it over and over. Just keep practicing. Then drop it when it feels so real to you,

Until you notice just like me today..this delicious day, that your old familiar feelings have been replaced by new delicious ones..until you know that you know that it’s done!