Sometimes individuals make the great mistake of endeavoring to call forth the “Presence” all the hours of the day. That is not wise. You do not have to keep calling the “Presence” all day long, except where you are giving your twenty-four hour service. That of course is a very marvelous thing; but I mean in individuals’ own lives. Do you not see, Precious Ones, how if you will utilize morning, noon, and night to give forth your dynamic Decrees and Application for that which you require, then give your attention to the other activities of the day, you will find wonderful, wonderful results? Sometimes individuals in their great earnestness keep in meditation too long; or they keep revolving things in their thought and feeling until unknowingly, they make the things they do not want more real than the things they do. Be so practical, Beloved Ones, in all that you do.

When you apply, apply dynamically, firmly; then go on with your other outer activities, until you feel impelled again. Then give it again. With firm determination call your “Presence” to take command of you and give you today the perfect thing every hour of the day. You will soon come into the marvelous Application which will not weary you, but will keep you in great joyous contentment continually. That is what We so much desire you to do.
The I AM Discourses Vol. 6


“I AM” the “Presence” that never doubts, fears, questions, nor is uncertain concerning the instantaneous Fulfillment of my every Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence.”

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.

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