The Manifest-Station @8pm 12/17/07 Episode-58

The 24 hour spiritual online Network

Ryan Bloom, Glenn Brubaker, Len Wright

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The Manifest Station is a world-changing project that began with the simple thought of “what if?” From there it evolved into the more complex idea of “wouldn’t it be great if?”
Using the Laws of Attraction and following our Emotional Guidance Systems, we have been able to co-create a blessed space – a central gathering place for those intending to raise individual and collective consciousness, ultimately bettering our world from the inside out. The journey from a non-physical idea to the physical manifestation of our television channel has been absolutely ripe with moments of exquisite synchronicity and jaw-dropping, blissful experience. If there is one thing that we have learned from this, it’s that once the rules of the game of life are understood and followed, there is no end to the astounding joys unveiled through the process of deliberate creation.