Three Months In ~~Finding My Voice~~Growing on a Shoestring..

Today I move into the third month of Hosting The Indigo Room. What is unfolding now, and how it all is going to unfold is interesting to me.

I do notice now I am beginning to find my own voice and my own style of conducting a show. I have a style that is just not, of course, like anyone else. Maybe because I am just nutz…LOL
But I am enjoying the process of tweaking, of evolving the show and allowing the show to grow somewhat organically. It’s the technical stuff that sometimes takes me out though. Just trying to get the sound to be better is probably a whole years education in audio editing…sheeze!!! I am hopeful that I will get better at it. I am hopeful that the show will get better too.

Earlier this year I think it was in February my son Sean suggested to me that I start a radio show online. At the time of this conversation the idea intrigued me….but the but’s ran all up and through my head. It just didn’t seem at all possible to create, I mean I was sharing a computer with my dad, I didn’t have my own space and please I didn’t have any equipment to even begin. I thought I needed some sort of fancy mics and a studio at best…LOL.

I did however give my sons idea pause and I pondered the thought and allowed it to percolate. The thought of hosting a radio show sounded like fun and it sounded interesting…but what would I talk about and who would listen to me in the first place???

Anyway I sort of played around with the idea for only a little while then let it go completely, or so I thought. Every once in awhile , very once in a while a show idea would surface yet still there seemed no way to accomplish this task…I was still just kicking the tires….but Sean seemed confident that I could and should do one.

I had created a website and I was pretty much focused on looking for stories to post, creating it and getting it to grow. Unitl one day it happened. Someone I had been in contact with over the internet asked me if I wanted to create a radio show with her. What!? Huh!? Me!? I gave her all the reasons I had decided on beforehand why I couldn’t do it. I didn’t not have the equipment or the money to invest…blah blah blah… Well, she said she would do all of the technical stuff; all I had to do was create the show. This was really too easy…..

Funny thing is, I had never actually met this woman Julie and she had never actually met me. We began chatting online from a yahoo group we both belonged to, and now she was asking me to co-host a show with her. I thought about it and decided to go ahead and just do it…She asked me April 1, 2007 and our first show went live April 15th. Two weeks and boom bam we were on the air…Law of Attraction Talk Radio. Wow!!!

Our show together lasted only til May 29, 2007. But boy did I learn a lot on the fly. I learned that I loved it all, really loved it. It was a lot of fun to create each week and I found I wanted to do more shows. I decided to create another show in addition to the one we were doing together. That didn’t work and I wound up branching out on my own because I was just having too much fun. Ahhhh…. The Indigo Room was born in my mind. I just have to say though, Julie was a Godsend or a Law of Attraction Send…teehee…cause she offered me the opportunity to see what I could actually do.

Enter Diana, who by the way has never produced a show in her life. Now here we are going into month number 3 of The Indigo Room Broadcast, all with very little dollars coming in. Who was it who said, Not Now??? I don’t know who that woman was, but when I find out I’m going to tell her she was entirely misinformed.

We are both actually doing this from our individual homes…me from Brooklyn, NY and Diana from Akron, Ohio…..which still blows my mind. You should have seen me in the beginning trying to negotiate quiet time with my Dad and his love of television…too funny. I know on a lot of our broadcasts you can probably hear his television in the background. Right now I broadcast the show from the bathroom…hey, the acoustics are better in there. It does tend to get hotter than Hades though because the bathroom has no windows. And sometimes I lose connection to the show entirely. But the show Must go On!!! Thank God for Diana who can hold things down til I log back in. It gets crazy some nights.

The good news, I no longer have to share the computer with my Dad, which is Awesome. I now have the delicious use of my son Steven’s lap top. And I was able to get a better headset this week plus a webcam which were both on sale for $9.99 at RadioShack…Wooohooo!!! The show has to go on.

Last night was my first broadcast of our Awakening Indigos series…..and it went totally different than I had mapped out or planned in my own head. I wound up being the topic of discussion for the second half of our show…August Wind up….Who knew?? Have to write an entire post just about that….but if you are an Indigo or know of an Indigo or have no idea what an Indigo is check out our August 31st show…Awakening Indigos.

Our book of the Month for September and October is Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. We review chapter one and two on Friday September 7th.

So if you are listening to The Indigo Room Live or downloading the recorded episodes hang in there with us…it’s bound to get better. : ) Now if I could just get the toilet to stop running …teeheee

Peace and Light