Heading Down the Road to Deliciousness!!!

You know as I practice more and more here and there…a little bit at a time nice and slow…sometimes fast but the bottom line is as I practice practice practice…I find that I get better at this feeling better thing…the more I make a conscious choice to do it.

Finding a way to love all of your emotions seems at first like a large task. I mean we have spent so much of our time trying to figure out how to rid ourselves of the negative ones, it’s a wonder we all aren’t locked away in an insane asylum somewhere. Then again maybe we are.

I say it’s high time that you show your negative emotions some love and cut yourself a little slack. Free yourself!!! And stop being mad at yourself for being mad at yourself. If we could stop ourselves from making such a big deal out of feeling our feelings and stop stuffing them so much boy oh boy what a wonderful world we would be in.

Diana and I did a Labor Day pre-recorded podcast for The Indigo Room this weekend. And it was on this topic. Loving ourselves and loving our emotions, all of them. Hell it’s what makes us who we are. And I think it’s high time we realize just how wonderful all of our emotions are even the ones that have been labeled bad ones. Am I saying you should act out on your bad feeling feelings? Nope not at all!!! I just think we are all making way toooooooo much out of them. Feeling them all is a really good thing. Just an indication of where you are right now but there is hope that you can begin to feel better even if only a little bit, for a little while. And each day it does get better if we practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

I just woke up this new Rising Feeling Delicious today!!!!!

Today I got more done and had so much fun doing it than I probably could a year or ago in a week.

Playing seventeen seconds as often as I do I am sure contributes to my feeling of accomplishment and bliss today…Ideas are flowing things are clicking and I am just feeling delicious.

Here lies the rub…I felt delicious before my accomplishments today. That is pretty key it seems to me. To just gently keep guiding yourself as often as is possible for you into better feeling moments. And then they begin to weave themselves together without a whole lot of struggle on your part.

I’ve created a Games section in The Indigo Room Social Network. Games that you can play on your own or with us in the group, to start heading down your own road of deliciousness.

So should you desire to feel delicious too then come on and head on over to The Indigo Room Network. You never know what you are going to find there. Hey you won’t know if you don’t go.

Have a most delicious day today.