It is so important to watch your feelings. I had a Student once who had a similar condition, and I told him to say to everything, “God bless you.” He had remarkable results; for the continued use of this statement is a powerful force acting and builds a condition in which everything blesses you.

This is another reminder: Say to your outer self: “You know the Law. This is the wrong thing to do. You must obey if you want me to help you.Often, it takes just a little encouragement and Inner Radiation to give the Inner Strength to rise out of a thing. The difficulty with Students, as a rule, is that they do not grab a thing quickly enough; for the first and most important thing is to refuse it admittance.

Individuals are so prone to look at the outer things as so important and tangible, when the Inner things are far more tangible.

In a fit of anger, resentment, or intense condemnation, the thought clothes that atomic structure about the individual, and nature propels it forth with great force —affecting persons who might unknowingly have their doors open, charging conditions and things to an extent of which they have little conception. This force generated goes out; and while fragments of it may find lodgment, its accumulation— through momentum—returns and hovers within the etheric atmosphere of its creator. When the above condition is about an individual, is it any wonder that things go wrong with him? That is how some great wrong or crime committed in an environment registers there with great vividness, and is why sensitive individuals going into the place or environment often feel or see—or both—the condition left there.


” I AM the All-revealing Presence of the Great ‘I AM !”

” I AM the Light that lighteth every room I go into!”

” I AM the Discriminating Activity of the Great ‘I AM Presence!

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.