11/11 Portal Happy Energetic New Year

11/11 Portal


Today the 11/11 Portal is open Indigos. It is very powerful.

I know I always say this is a powerful portal. And it is. Why? Because for the past ten years or so the veil has been thinning and the portals are getting stronger. This year is stronger than last year. It is the most powerful to date. Write down your intentions. Write down your dreams and desires. Give them over to Mother-Father God to handle. Let the Universe help you already. Sheesh you do not have to do this all yourself.

You may have intense dreams. You may wake up feeling different as if you are more awake and aware than before. Set your intentions for the new year now, don’t wait until January 1, 2024. Great time to cleanse your energy so the new energies can take hold. If you fight against well..you just might miss the blessings the universe is working to bring through you and to you. This energetic New Year is open and waiting for you to decide you are thriving. It really is all up to you. This is a powerful time to pick up your Merkaba Vehicle and to prepare yourself for it’s activation.

I anticipate hearing about all of your successes. This energy will go out to around the 20th of this month but is most powerful right now. Don’t miss this opportunity. It sets the tone for the entire 2024. It’s our energetic New Year. Don’t wait til January 1 to make your intentions..Do it Today!!

11/11 Portal affirmation “I AM Rich. I AM Healthy. I AM Wealthy. I AM Free. Everything always works out for me. My energy frequency is my prosperity.” ~ Happy 11/11 Portal New Year!!