Train Your Imagination in A Virtual Reality to Live The Life You Desire In Real Life

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Train Your Imagination in A Virtual Reality to Live The Life You Desire In Real Life

You may have remembered me talking about creating a vision board many times on YouTube and on my Podcast. You may have heard me talking about using Second Life which is a Virtual Reality along with my static vision boards. If you have continue reading below. If you haven’t continue reading below.

Welcome to Rigel Star Gym.Rigel Star Gym Store Front Window

Rigel Star Gym is a very unique gym in a virtual reality world called Wolf Territories Grid. Allow  me tell you why it is so unique.

Do you hRigel Star Gym Logo says I worked out in my VR everyday, lost weight and helped heal my back.You can have similar results too. I can help you. Touch here for info. ave a moment for a little story time?

Back in 2012 I fell down a flight of stairs, wound up in the hospital and crushed the vertebrae in my back. Ouch!! I was also a candidate for surgery. But I didn’t want surgery nope, nope, nope there had to be another way.

I was in so much pain and had to use a walker for almost a year. I could barely lift my arms to make a sandwich without screaming in pain. I couldn’t walk up or down a flight of stairs without crawling. I was in bad shape.

In 2007  I was very into law of attraction and used my Second Life as a vision board on steroids. LOL  I was homeless in real life during this time and used my imagination in Second Life to create my house, with a car and my dog. All of those things manifested in my actual reality. Even my dog in Second Life brought about the exact dog in my reality; they looked exactly the same.  If you want more information about that send me an email at by clicking the Rigel Star Gym photo above or click this link

It wasn’t until 2009 when I began studying Neville Goddard, harnessing the power of my imagination with my Second Life  that more things manifested in my reality. Around that time I had heard of a study about athletes using their imagination to improve their athletic skills. Basically the study stated that there were two groups of athletes one group trained as normal physically and the second group of athletes trained only in their imagination. That study went right along with what I had been studying from Neville Goddard, imagination creates reality. I had manifested a new job, higher pay, a car and more using Neville Goddard Techniques by first experiencing it in my imagination.

I had already experienced some cool results imagining my reality using my Second Life as a vision board. So I wondered if were possible to do the same thing for my back.

Hmmm. Not long after those thoughts rolled around in my mind I found a gym in Second Life and it was based on the same principles I had read about in that article. I almost couldn’t believe it! So I quickly joined the Second Life gym and group.

IndigoQueen King Avatar yoga poseI would work out in that gym daily at least an hour a day. Sometimes two hours, imagining I was really working out in my real life even though I was sitting in my chair at my computer in reality. I imagined that it was real, that it wasn’t my avatar exercising but it was actually me exercising and working out. It has been said that our minds cannot determine if something is real or imagined, unless we tell it so. I kept imagining day after day that it was truly me not my avatar working out.

I didn’t see any results in the beginning. In fact some days the pain in real life was so bad I couldn’t even go to physical therapy. Some days I would just lay in bed and cry. The only relief would be taking one of my pain killers.IndigoQueen King Avatar doing sit ups

Gradually things started to shift. Even my room mate at the time started to notice. She came in my room one day and asked me how in the world was I not gaining any weight when I don’t exercise and I wasn’t dieting. I told her that I do exercise. She said no you don’t!!! I live with you and I see you can barely move without screaming in pain. I said, I exercise every day in my imagination and in Second Life. I shared with her what I was doing. She said, nope that is not true and it doesn’t work. I could not convince her.

That didn’t stop me I kept going. I kept going even after the physical therapy ended. It was short the insurance only covered 90 days.

Then about a year and a half later I was walking on my own without a walker but very slowly with less and less pain.


One day I was out walking my dog slowly around the block where I lived. I noticed at the end of the block a dog I had never seen in the neighborhood before. He started running towards me and my dog. I thought to myself what am I gonna do? There wasn’t anyone around to help me. Without thinking further and no hesitation, I scooped up my 30 lb Beagle, Cleopatra and started running. I didn’t even realize I was running until I had hopped a neighbors fence with my dog in my arms and ran up on their porch away from the dog.

At that point I realized, OMG I just ran almost a full block, carrying my dog and I am not in any pain. It worked.

I not only had I maintained my weight but lost a little too. And, I also was able to heal my back.

That gym I worked out in, in Second Life literally closed around the same time that I didn’t need to work out anymore. The woman who ran it just closed up shop and I have never been able to find her since.

It has been part of my dream for a long time to have a gym similar to the one she created all those many years ago. I am happy to have the opportunity to bring my own gym to life here in another Virtual Reality at Indigo Blue Realm in Wolf Territories Grid.

What would you like to accomplish? Everything is possible within your own human imagination. Let’s chat about setting up your own imagination work out schedule here at Rigel Star Gym. Your results may vary from mine. You may see results sooner or later. If you’ve tried everything you can think of to train your imagination to help you heal your life why not do something a little different? I mean what have you got to lose?

Email me if you would like to schedule an appointment. In the meantime you can join Indigo Blue Realm anytime just watch this video for instructions here.

(Side Note: Even though the video shows a male avatar the instructions are the same for all avatars. )

Reference Material:

Neville Goddard

There is a research study in Oxford and other universities that interested me back in 2012 when I fell down a flight of stairs and severely injured my back

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