Abioila Abrams Starting Next Week 8/27/07 And Producer Appreciation

I just want to extend my love and light to our new Indigo Room Family Member Abiola Abrams. She will be starting her first broadcast of The Goddess Factory Moments with Abiloa Abrams on August 27, 2007 at The Indigo Room.

We are so excited to have her with us on our Show and are looking forward to her delicious, fun words of wisdom. So stay tuned. It’s going to be a blast.

Diana Kessler ROCKS!!!!

Last night we had some technical difficulties with our show…Eh stuff happens!!! Anywhoo I just finished listening to the recorded episode of our live broadcast (Episode 14) and I have to bow down to Ms Diana who kept The Indigo Room rolling while I got locked out of the broadcast. Yes friends I was not able to log back on to the Show.

Now can I just say that the reason this is so significant is because Diana, before being on The Indigo Room was, notice I say was….lol a shy person. She liked to stay in the background so to speak. Well last night she had a choice to either step into Host shoes or have dead air on the show. She chose the former. And let me just say folks she held it down. Woohooo!!!! Diana You Rock, Woman!!!!!!!

I am so so so Proud of the job she did Hosting while I tried to make my way back into the talkcast.

Sometimes folks you just have to step out of the comfort zone you’ve blanketed yourself in and play in the unfamiliar zone, even if only for a few minutes, just so you can see what it is your are capable of. Diana did just that last night. Now she knows that stepping into Host shoes was NOT the big deal she might have thought initially. She did have a little help from our Indigo Room Friends who hang out in our Chat Room each and every Monday and Friday Night. Together they all did a fabulous job of keeping the show moving along and just having fun.

I am feeling good this new rising…Just totally delicious!!!

And wow did we have some fabulous Manifestation Stories on the show too. Lori Hamann was fabulous and so were the stories, some inspired us and some made us laugh…

Have an Awesome Day!!!!