And I AM Back!

Picture of SydneySydney & Baystreet

Hello, Again Friends,

Sydney Chase and Baystreet

If you are still following this blog, thank you!!

I’ve been gone a very long time. Life!

That is all I can say.I’ve been thinking about my return to blogging and feeling my return to blogging, I just didn’t do anything about it for 3 very long years. Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I felt today was the day to come back.

So, here I am again. Transforming!

The Return

The call to return to my spiritual work has been a low hum, until at the end of of 2018 when it became a loud siren.  We are all just spiritual beings having, physical human experiences and whew some of them can be wicky wacky as all get out.

So much has happened to me since my last blog post and so much has happened to the country that I live in, as well as the planet. I feel like I am being transformed because of it, or it is being transformed because of me and the collective. Either way, we all seem to be going through something world wide. Have you felt it? Silly question I know. I’m sure you have.

I am definitely feeling what is happening in Amazonia currently, and working on finding ways to help where I can. This rain-forest is considered to be the lungs of our planet and we all can do our part to help her. There is a petition I signed yesterday on to stop the legalization of deforestation. This petition is part of the movement: #SaveAmazonRainforest

What have you been up to since I’ve been gone?

I have been up to quite a bit, more details as I transform this blog. But here are some important updates.

Important Updates

The Indigo Room Website is back up. YAY!!! You can visit it at

The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality Podcasts are back online and new content is being uploaded weekly. The podcasts are still located on Talkshoe here The Indigo Room Podcast, however, they are no longer live. For live content, drum roll please, you can now find me and the gang on YouTube!

Yes, I’ve become a YouTuber. LOL Still new at this but our podcasts have now become videos. And I am LOVING IT!! We have two live broadcasts twice weekly, Wednesday nights at 8pm Eastern and Sunday mornings at 11am Eastern and additional weekly content.  Add us to your calendar. The new YouTube channel is located here The Indigo Room on YouTube.

I’ve got some new content up my sleeve, if you’ve stuck around this long hopefully you will hang around just a little bit longer! Thank you for being a friend.

Love Sydney,

The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality