Divine Timing: My Book, Mind Garden of Eden

Book CoverMind Garden of Eden Book by Sydney Chase

For two years I was locked out of my original Amazon account which housed my book, Mind Garden of Eden. I could not access it because my account had been hacked.

I went back and forth with Amazon for the last two years trying to prove that I was indeed the Sydney Chase who owned the account and that I never shared my details with anyone since I opened my account in 2007. I had no idea if the book was selling nor did I have access to update my details. It seems that someone from China, where I have never been nor do I know anyone there directly, changed my email address; and Amazon for two years couldn’t rectify the situation.

I created a new account and just gave up on trying to access that account or gain control of my book again. Sigh!

When the time is right the time is right!

After a deep meditation last week, I was led to reach out to Amazon again. Whew! Do I even attempt? My inner promptings said YES!! So I did!

That day, I finally connected with a wonderful helper named Scott, who sat with me for over two hours. He and I, (he was so patient) did our best to resolve the situation. He was finally able to see that I was indeed the author and he was able to bring my book over to my new Amazon account.

I finally received confirmation today that my book is now available again on my new Sydney Chase account!!! Woohooo!! Thank you, Scott!!  

Follow your gut!! Follow your intuition. Meditate. The answers you seek are within you.

Available on Amazon for Kindle again!

Mind Garden of Eden