If anything occurs within the consciousness that causes the least fear or disturbance, one should instantly remember one’s “Mighty I AM Presence” — the Master within —and ask It to dissipate all fear, its cause and its effect at once, and see that it never touches one’s being or world again. Why should Students of the Light be harassed by disturbing elements or conditions? Students of the Light who serve the Light, should demand from the Light, Freedom from every disturbing condition!~Ascended Master Instruction, The I AM Discourses Vol 4.dont worry


Mighty I AM Presence take possession of my mind body being and world forever lock them against the recognition of all human creation! Fasten my attention entirely upon Thee and Thy Perfection! Cut me free forever from the magnetic pull of Earth and the things of Earth and all human creation. Fill me with Thyself, They full Ascended Master Consciousness and Mastery and hold. Thy Full External Dominion.

Adorations & Affirmations, I AM Discourses, Vol 5.