2015 - 1 (4)“The average person’s thoughts and feeling are nothing but a mass of chaotic pictures and negative suggestions which he has accepted from the world about him, and keeps repeating and feeding them by his own energy through his attention. Order is Heaven’s First Law—Harmony and Peace, the Cohesive Power of the Universe. These come from One Source only, and that is the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ of the Universe, your God Self.

“Limitless Substance and Invincible Power are forever about you. You must understand how to raise or lower the atomic vibratory action by the Power of the ‘I AM’ to produce whatsoever you can possibly desire. There is no one to say what shall come into your experience and world but yourself.

“The Limitless Omnipresent Substance is always about you waiting to be acted upon. You, the individual, are the channel through which the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ wishes to expand Its Perfection. It pours out ceaselessly the Limitless Light, or Energy of Life; but you are the governor of its use, the director of its destination and of the result it is to bring forth to you.

“It can and will produce anything you wish instantly if you will but keep your personality harmonized so thoughts, feelings, and words of discord do not interrupt Its ever-flowing Perfection. Life is Perfection, and It contains all Perfect Manifestation within Itself. The only duty of the personality is to be a ‘Cup’ that carries and reveals the Perfection of Life. Until one obtains obedience from the outer senses and maintains a feeling of peace within himself, he pollutes the Purity and Perfection of the Life that is flowing through

“It is your duty to know the Wisdom of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ always directs your use of Its Power and Life. It alone knows what is Perfect for you—except an Ascended Master. He, being ONE with the All-knowing Mind of God, is ONE with your ‘I AM Presence,’ no matter whether It acts through you or through Him. Thus only your own ‘I AM Presence’ or an Ascended Master knows what is right for you at all times. Only these two Sources, which are really one, can see down your entire Life Stream and know all the forces that play upon your problems, and the cause of your experiences, past, present and future..~~The I AM Discourses Vol 2, The Magic Presence, 1930


There is a “Presence” in man/woman, and the Light from that Presence is his/her Understanding. That “Presence,” that Light, and that Understanding is “I AM”; and “I AM” That “I AM”!

~~I AM Adorations and Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.