Fake it till You Make it?

Is fake it till You make & law of assumption and law of attraction all the same thing?

Many people get these two things confused. One is a concept or idea and the other is a universal law.

fake it til you make it meme Kermit the frog

You may have heard that term Fake it till You Make it or have even used it successfully in your own life. I have used that term and applied this technique in my own life successfully prior to learning universal laws. In the video below we discuss  the two and the subtle differences between them.

Two real time examples of the fake it till you make it concept are the recent cases of Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin and Billy McFarland.

Both of their stories can be watched on NetflixFake it till you make it meme

We discuss on The Indigo Room YouTube channel how often in desiring  things we want to be, do and have, can get confusing and how we can get off track. If you are faking it by writing bad checks for instance. YOU will get caught and wind up in jail or prison. You can watch the video below.

To understand the law of assumption and how it can work consciously for you, check out the book, The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard.

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