8/8/2022 Lion’s Gate Portal/Indigos

8/8/2022 Lion’s Gate Portal

My beautiful Indigo Room Friends and Family. This is a message to connect with you regarding this powerful 8/8/2022 Lion’s Gate Portal that is fast approaching. 

I have been in Hermit mode but not gone. This has been a powerful year of transformation for me and perhaps it has been for you as well. As a matter of fact your own friends and family may not even recognize the new you. You may have found yourself letting go of people, places, emotions, thought patterns and things that no longer serve you. Or people, places and things have left your experience without you consciously releasing them. 

As we move towards the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal we are called to more actively cut energetic cords, tethers, ties, old ways of thinking, feeling and being. In my view some of us  are in the last days of the difficulty of not having those desires, dreams and wishes fulfilled and made manifest. However, there is still work within to be done on your part. Any kind of energy that is no longer serving you that you may have created unknowingly or knowingly needs to be dissolved and transmuted. 

What is this Lion’s Gate Portal?

The lion’s gate portal opens once yearly on August 8.  It is called the Lion’s Gate because this is when the sun is the astrological sign of Leo the Lion, the rising of the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt, and the Earth all line up. However, this year there is another far distant star within Orin’s constellation called Rigel which is also making this particular portal more potent. Also known as The Blue Realm where many of who we called Indigos are from. 

Sirius Star

Many lightworkers and mystics understand that the energy now coming through Sirius holds activating energy that can help this planet Gaia and the humans who inhabit her evolve and ascend to a higher level of consciousness and awareness, however, each one of us must become an active participant in that evolution. The Sirius Star is also the home of the Whales and Dolphins on our planet. They have been here longer than humanity itself. They are here to help with evolving the planet. They carry divine wisdom and are poised to connect with you if you allow them to.

Rigel Star

*Rigel is a blue supergiant star located in the constellation of Orion. More precisely, however, Rigel is actually a binary star system whose two main components are Rigel A and Rigel B, the latter of which is also a binary system itself. Rigel Star Facts 

 Again, Rigel is standing with her sister star Sirius to amplify that energy. It is and always has been up to us to ascend. 

The Number 8 in Astrology, Tarot and Numerology

Strength Tarot Card The number 8 is very powerful during this time. In the traditional tarot deck the 8th card is a major arcana which is the Strength card. You see a woman taming the lion, yet she is calm, patient and with the infinity symbol above her head. The infinity symbol also looks like the number 8. 

The number 8 in Astrology corresponds with the 8th house and the 8th Zodiac sign of Scorpio.  According to Astrologer Susan Miller, “this house is about rebirth, regeneration and the transformation of energy.”

The number 8 in Numerology, according to Master Numerologist Hans Decoz .

8/8/2022 Lion’s Gate Portal For Indigos

There are many Indigos who haven’t allowed or who are fighting this transformation and may find themselves facing many many tower moments, where their old foundations are being rented asunder, torn down and in some cases violently. They are acting out in ways that are detrimental to themselves, others and their own surroundings. They are battling the truth deep within them, the call to awaken to that truth of who they really are and to consciously raise their own vibration. 

The time is not to fight this transformation but to surrender to it. Surrender! Surrender! Surrender and go within. Listen to any messages and follow the synchronicities. Stand in your power and trust your intuition more than ever before. 

Those who have been allowing the transformation to take place within are beginning to also see the physical manifestations without. 

Message download for all  from the Higher Blue Realm.

One way to move with this energy is to put your attention on love. Focus on love. 

Life is happening and right now in this pure light moment. Affirmation: I am finding the peace within. Love is happening at this moment. Fear is being let go and replaced with Love. There is not a concept of love, it is a pure alive electric energy that is growing within. Love rules all things, moves all things, is all things. It is through this energy that you succeed. It is through this divine energy that all things are made possible. Keep love at the forefront like a headlight on your forehead to guide your way in the darkness. Love is a being. Choose being love. Keep going. Keep moving forward in it. Love, Love, Love. See it everywhere, be it everywhere. And most of all love yourself. Creating boundaries is Love. 


Get very clear on what it is you want to be do and have. Literally write it out on a piece of paper. Get as clear as possible in your written word. Do not write it on a computer or your phone. Next speak it out loud to yourself every morning upon waking and every night upon sleeping. Call on Spirit, your God Source, your Goddess Source, Angels and Guides for assistance. And trust you are being divinely guided.

Below is a beautiful and powerful but short Mantra Meditation to listen to. Be well and hang on. The ride may get a little bumpy.