First Blog Post from The Indigo Room Host Sydney Chase

I am Sydney Chase, Host of The Indigo Room.

What a month! July was full of so many twists and turns I am surprised we got the show up and running…but we are two determined ladies, Diana and I.

What is the Indigo Room? Well our mission statement is “It’s a spiritual Thing, You would Understand.” We believe that everything is spiritual and we are non-physical beings having a human physical experience. Doesn’t matter what your religion or your beliefs spirituality is pretty simple and easy to understand once you allow yourself to .

We talk about things that matter to us in spiritual way which is just about everything…LOL. We laugh and have fun on our show. We also talk about the natural laws of the universe especially the Law of Attraction. So if you’ve watched The Secret or have attended or read any of Abraham-Hicks books you would love the show. And if you haven’t you may love the show anyway…teehee.

So from time to time I’ll be posting things here that directly relate to the show or may not…depends on what I feel like writing about at the moment. If you want to check out what is going on in The Indigo Room just scroll down to the end of the post and you can check out some of the guests we’ve had on the show thus far.

My good friend and partner in crime…LOL is Diana Kessler. She is pretty awesome and though neither of us had a clue as to all the technology involved in creating a podcast, I think we’ve been doing a pretty Awesome job!!

And Diana Rocks…she is cranking out stuff for the show every week. Why do we do it? Eh cause it feels good….so speaking of feeling good, which is one of the premises of our show…How u doin…that would be my New York accent comin out atcha…: )

Hope everyone’s summer is going deliciously and that you are all remembering to feel good or at least feel better or to find relief in the thoughts that you may be thinking, that got you going a little bit wicky wacky…lol. Anyway I wanted to take some time to connect with you all here…At least those of you who will read my blogs……: )

So what’s been going on with all of you? Have you been having a good Summer? Have you been moving your vibrations and energy? I have to say for me I feel like each day in the last I don’t know 2 months or so I’ve been going through a growing spurt of sorts. LOL

I wake up each day and say to myself well I haven’t felt this way before, this is new, what is this?..LOL

Let’s see, since May I have left The Law of Attraction Talk Radio Show and branched out on my own. Boy oh boy what a ride, being on a wave of learning new technology. I have to tell you there were days that I was just banging my head it seemed…LOL But it was really cool because I used some of the Processes I’ve learned from Abraham and reading the Book Ask And It is Given as well as Personal Power Through Awareness by Sanaya Roman. She channels a being called Orin. Much like Esther Hicks Channels a collective consciousness called Abraham. ***(Abraham is doing an online workshop through Hay House, August 12…only $20 bucks, should be interesting do check out Hay House for more info) Anyway by practicing all of these techniques so to speak has really really made the Wave a much smoother ride. Moving your vibrations and energy can be a totally fun thing to do, I must say even when you are experiencing the transition of a loved one.

While I was Scoobie Dooing, going with my flow and doing the Hokey Pokey, I got hit with the sudden transition of my Ex-Husband. Geeze what a hit I took. All of a sudden I was all weepy and sad and crying and feeling pain and grief like nobodies business…and it certainly wasn’t anybody’s business but my own. Then the most amazing thing happened. I, myself, me was able to move through the grief and pain and feeling of loss much quicker than I had anticipated.

You see I did have my own near death experience. But that was mine. This seemed entirely different, I guess because it was someone else, and someone who I am still close to and had great love for. You see even though we were divorced and he had another family, he is my friend. I say is because his transition made me realize even more fully that there is no loss in what we call death. Nope none at all. As a matter of fact he was right back here in a non-physical sort of way the exact time of his transition.

At first I thought I was going a little nutz….If you have read any of my blogs thus far you know that I had a tendency to think I was a little crazy at times…LOL. Eh that is so not the case any more. Steven my ex- husband reminded me of my own transition and that when we all take leave of physical, that we don’t even remember the pain we were experiencing here. Cool!!!. So way cool.. He hung around here for a few days. How do I know? I just know by the experiences I had with him. And he kept getting bigger and bigger in his non-physical self, and it just wasn’t necessary for him to hang around here anymore. The experiences that I had with him the 2 weeks after his transition were just totally AWESOME!!!

Any way I do digress…: ) How are you doing? What’s going on with you? Remember the purpose of this blog and this page is to chit chat about what you are mainfesting, creating, experiencing and allowing into your lives. So do tell it here if you feel like it…: ) And also for me to write about what I am feeling like writing about at the moment…: )

I also did some film work this summer which was alot of fun. I still don’t have permission from the Director to speak of it yet but I play the mother of a famous R&B singer back in the day when she was a little girl. Even if you guess who it is I cannot tell you….LOL but guess away…teeeheee.

My new Radio Show the Indigo Room has been going quite well I might add. Like I said in the beginning on a big old Wave of learning new technologies. I love the internet and the freedom to create my own talk show. I just think that is so freakin AWESOME. And Law of Attraction definitely is at play here…well it always is but even more so when I use it deliberately….Fun Fun Fun.

If you get the opportunity to, do check out the show. You can listen to it live or you can download a show. You can even come in and chat with us in our chat room while we are live. That has been alot of fun. I am going to post another entry about the show and how to use the new program as we have a live show tonight. I mean it’s so cool…cause tonight we have a guest calling into the show from The UK. The internet just makes the world so much smaller and closer…: ) Lovin it.

I’ve posted some of the guests we have had on the show so far last month, below. We play games during the show (games to lower our resistance and to move our vibrations higher)…we have a good news segment during the show…we give birthday shoutouts during the show…(well we give birthday shout outs to people who are on our Indigo Room Myspace Friends list *** The reason I say we instead of I when referencing the show is two fold, one being that it’s not just my show it’s everyone’s show, and second I have a producer who is totally rockin, Diana Kessler.

So if you want your birthday announced on the show…become an Indigo Room Friend.

Oh oh I almost forgot we also have a website of the day announcement on the show and we have our own book of the Month on the Show, where we pick a book and chit chat about it all month. We are announcing our new book for August tonight. You gotta check it out. I am learing how to edit our audio too so the sound quality is better. If you have a podcast well hell’s bells let a sista know so I can listen to it and maybe have you on my show or I can be on yours, maybe we can cross promote each other.

A really cool show that is on Talkshoe too is called The Other Side Speaks , you just have to check out the show to see what I am talking about.

And if you are Indigo, well you are going to love some of the upcoming shows about that topic. Just some really cool stuff happening. I am Indigo and do I have some cool stuff to share….: )

Did anybody get to Fire the Grid this month? I did and WOW some really cool things happened during my meditation. Was pretty Awesome…now that I am thinking about that wouldn’t it be a great topic for a show….If you did Fire the Grid in July let me know….I would love to have you on the show talking about your feelings or experiences after you did that for 1 hour…I will share too!!! It will be fun.

Well that’s all the news fit to print folks. Hope to meet and hear some of you in The Indigo Room tonight or any other night. We broadcast every Monday and Friday night from 8pm-10pm Eastern Standard Time on our show ID is 33443. We have fun in the Indigo Room and I know you will too. And if you want to be on upcoming shows…hey let me know…REALLY let me know!!!!! Visit our website too..The Indigo Room Website

Have a most delicious WEEKEND!!! FEEL GOOD!!! LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!

Peace and Light

PS if you are on myspace here is my other page.


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July 23, 2007 Our resident Psychic’s.
Shelle A master Psychic for over 25 years. A Numerologist, clairvoyant and tarot card reader. She works with vibrations guiding her in your path to enlightenment and answering any questions you may have in your career or financial life, love compatibility as well as guiding you spiritually.
Visit Shelles Site on Myspace and her website Angel Alliance & Enlightenment Shelle will be back to visit with us August 27th.

Our second Psychic is Frederick Lee White. Frederick is a Numerologist, clairvoyant, medium and spiritual advisor. Frederick will be back on the Show September 24. You can reach Frederick at his e-mail


July 20, 2007

Ryan Bloom, Glenn Brubaker, Len Wright


The Manifest Station is a world-changing project that began with the simple thought of “what if?” From there it evolved into the more complex idea of “wouldn’t it be great if?”
Using the Laws of Attraction and following our Emotional Guidance Systems, we have been able to co-create a blessed space – a central gathering place for those intending to raise individual and collective consciousness, ultimately bettering our world from the inside out. The journey from a non-physical idea to the physical manifestation of our television channel has been absolutely ripe with moments of exquisite synchronicity and jaw-dropping, blissful experience. If there is one thing that we have learned from this, it’s that once the rules of the game of life are understood and followed, there is no end to the astounding joys unveiled through the process of deliberate creation.


July 16, 2007

Marc David

Marc David is a nationally recognized teacher, speaker and corporate consultant and author of two international selling books, Nourishing Wisdom: A New Understanding of Eating, The Slow Down Diet: An 8-Week Breakthrough Program. Marc earned his Masters in Arts, in the Psychology of Eating, at Sonoma State University of California and undertook clinical training at Harvard Mind Body Medical Institute and the State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical School. He has studied with master teachers in the alternative health field and interned with numerous medical clinics using leading-edge nutritional therapies.Marc has appeared on CNN, NBC and his work has been featured in peer reviewed journals, articles, interviews, and numerous publications, including the New York Times, Chicago Times, New York Daily News, McCall’s, Glamour, Eating Well, Utne Reader, The Sun, Yoga Journal, Bon App?tit, Grace Woman, and WebMD

The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss
“In this book Marc presents an eight-week program that allows readers to explore their unique connection to food, assisting them in letting go of their fears, guilt, and old habits so they can learn to treat their bodies in a dignified and caring way. He reveals the shortcomings of all quick-fix digestive aids and fad diets and debunks common nutrition myths, such as “the right way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.” He shows instead how to decrease cortisol and other stress-hormones and boost metabolic power through proper breathing and nutritional strategies that nourish both the body and soul, proving that fully enjoying each meal is the optimal way to a healthy body. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in nutritional medicine, the psychology of eating, and the science of yoga, Marc David offers readers practical tools that will yield life-transforming, sustainable results.”

Darien K. Marshall & Darius L. Jones

Darien & Darius are inspirational speakers, authors, and members of ToastMasters in Philadelphia.
Darien & Darius co-founded an independent multi-media entertainment/production company, Darimar Entertainment, L.L.C. They have produced two radio talk shows called “It’s All About You” and “Morning Coffee With Darien.” They have published a children’s book entitled, “I am Beautiful, I am African, I am Love” in addition to “Don’t Just Talk about it Be About it” You can listen to their weekly broadcast “It’s All About You”

Don’t Just Talk About it Be About it: Making Positive Changes in Your Life

This book written by Darius and Darien is about action, the action needed to make the positive changes that we all so desperately want in our lives. Through personal experiences and interesting anecdotes, Darien and Darius offer practical and fundamental tools to help the reader take a more personal look at each area of his or her life. In this lighthearted and comical book, you will discover and rid yourself of the obstacles that keep you from living a positive, productive, and successful life…a life you deserve to have

July 13, 2007

Kevin Foresman

Kevin Foresman, Host of The Highest Ground, a Healer and a multi-media artist who creates fine art photography, podcasts, DVD and CD products. Kevin has successfully raised his own level of consciousness awareness and will discuss the benefits of the AIM Program he’s found personally.
Add The Highest Ground Show to your Podcasts.

Mike Connor

Mike Connor, Host of Healing Grace and Connor’s Corner is also a Consciousness Coach and EMC2 AIM Program Facilitator. The AIM Program (All Inclusive Method) is EMC2 spiritual technology of energetic balancing. The purpose of the AIM Program is to assist in removing energetic imbalances in order to increase the Life Force and consciousness of living beings. EMC2believes that energetic imbalances impede the flow and expression of Life Force and consciousness. Connor’s Corner Has 89 shows for listening or downloading.


July 9th, 2007

Reverend Jamie Sanders
Unity of Pensacola

Reverend Jamie Sanders is an inspirational speaker and accomplished recorded vocalist who is known for his candor, humor and direct approach to presenting Truth Principles. Jamie has studied under the instruction of the Rev. Marje Howard of “Way of Life Unity Center” in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and Rev. Leona Evans of San Luis Obispo, California. .
Jamie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Philosophies and is a Certified Pastoral Counselor. Jamie has also written monthly columns for “The Emerald Ladies Journal”, “The Light”, and several other printed and online publications, including “Horizon Magazine”, “Awakenings” and “”

In May of, 2003 Jamie began serving as the new Minister of Unity Church of Christianity in Pensacola, Florida. Jamie’s vision is to empower individuals to become more than they ever believed they could be. His ongoing theme of “Today is a new day” is influential in the day to day lives of many who hear his message. Jamie on Myspace

Connee Chandler

Connee Chandler is a Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner since 1992 and has studied metaphysics for 22 years, has instructed it for 15 and has studied Abraham teachings since 1995.

She has authored a free e-book called, A Gift of Vision as well 49 Daily Guides published in Science of Mind magazine.Connee is an accomplished author/speaker and teacher and has successfully created and manifested financial independence, extensive travel amazing experiences and adventures in consciousness and is living the life of her dreams. Connee’s vision is to uplift consciousness and share her ideas with others who are interested


July 6, 2007

Wendy Matthews
Visit Wendy’s website at
“I offer law of attraction coaching and wellness therapies to support you in bridging the gap between your state of being now and your vision of wellness of mind, body, and spirit!”

Wellness Life Coaching and therapies are about giving you tools to tap into your own inner brilliance and create well-being. Well-being is defined as ” A condition of health, happiness or prosperity.”
Wendy is disciplined in many areas, such as Aqua Chi, Reiki, NLP, and Holistic ADHD Coaching. Wendy will share some techniques she uses in her successful practice to assist with releasing limiting beliefs and transforming those beliefs into empowering thoughts. Wendy on Myspace

Denise Coates
Visit Denise Sites at or

Denise is a spiritual coach and film maker. Denise gives details in her new book, “Feel It Real” which offers the simple “rules” for creating ones desired life. 31 different Processes to Feel your desires real and manifest them into your life.
Feel it Real on Myspace