For Sydney….Written by Gloria Moran Illustrated by Vickie Velasquez

One day I went to my mailbox and this was inside a card from a listener of The Indigo Room who became a wonderful friend. Just thought I would share it today because she said I could.

Neville Goddard

Created by Vickie Velasquez

No title except …For Sydney, but it I feel is for us all because we are all one.

When you struggle with past or present decisions,

just change the whole thing with the shears of revision.

If you see your past life as one lived by default,

do not look back, don’t preserve it in salt.

When you feel an attack by the soldiers of doubt,

take the sword of belief and wipe them all out!

If your thinking gets wacky or you’re feeling low,

take seventeen seconds, feel good and let go.

You may have been told you can’t reach your objective;

but transform your life with a change in perspective.

Create your life and your reality.

You’re the writer, director and actor, you see.

Create it all in Your Imagination.

You need no permission nor confirmation.

Keep the dreams, the goals, the beliefs all intact.

Think from the thing til it hardens into fact.

This life is to savor, enjoy and devour;

for you, my dear are the Operant Power!