God Comes Through Every Single Time Part 2

So instead of looking at what I didn’t have that I wanted to have and instead of looking for the result of what I was doing, I began to look at how I was feeling about what I didn’t have. Ahhhh now that was pretty evident. I really didn’t FEEL GOOD about not having ABC or D. I didn’t FEEL GOOD about this or that relationship. I didn’t FEEL GOOD having this thing happen to me. So…hmmmm I started to ponder how if everything I do currently have and am experiencing is a match to my thoughts but not just my thoughts alone but a match to my thoughts and how I FEEL about those thoughts I am having while I am thinking them, then I would have to say…Yes yes the Universe is responding to my song. My reality is really a match to my thoughts and the feelings I am having about the those thoughts when I am thinking them. The Universe is responding to my real song which is I don’t have this thing and it does not FEEL GOOD not having this thing. Hmmmm….My vibrational tone is really truly one of not Feeling very Good about alot of subjects that are important to me. The Universe is responding in kind and giving me more of what I am not feeling good about or liking.

So now my question became, How can I feel good about my thoughts of things I want but don’t have yet? I began to look at my life and my experiences a little differently. Is it possible for me to feel differently about ABC & D right here, right now, even though I don’t have ABC and or D right now? Is it possible for me to feel better about where I am, right where I am now? What if I believed that ABC and or D was on it’s way, how would I feel if I knew that for sure? Hmmm, well I would feel a hell of alot better than I do now. Can I pretend, or make believe that it’s on it’s way? Sure I can.

As I began asking myself different questions about how I was truly feeling about certain thoughts when I was thinking about them I began to notice why certain things were unfolding the way that they were for me. Ahhhh I began to get what my vibrational tone was and how Source/The Universe/God was matching that. So I thought to myself well what if I changed the way I am singing my tone? What if I could change my vibrational tone? What if I could begin to change some thoughts and how I feel while I am thinking those thoughts, I wonder what I might be experiencing then?

So little by little I started to become more interested in my feelings about thoughts I had when I was thinking them. Some thoughts no matter how hard I tried were just the same old thoughts and no matter what I just didn’t have access to better feeling thoughts about them. Not working!!! Not working!!!.

Okay so let me see, I asked myself, are there some thoughts I do have access to that feel good? Thoughts that when I think them I feel good no matter what? I know that there are. I just have to figure out what they are. So I started to seek and find those thoughts. I made believe that I was an explorer on an expedition to find better feeling thoughts. And I did find something!!

I found something for me. It was the Holiday Season from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years. I absolutely love that holiday time. I don’t care if I ever had enough money for gifts and such, the Holiday time for me gave me such a good feeling when I thought about them. So whenever I caught myself thinking of something that didn’t feel good, I would immediately shift my thoughts to a Christmas time where I felt wonderful.

And you know what I noticed then? I would begin to feel better. I would have a smile on my face from the inside out. It didn’t matter to me where or when I would think about Christmas, nobody knew or knows I am thinking about that…but it feels good to me…only I am aware of it. And when I started to feel better, right there and then in that now moment I began to notice something else. I started to notice that I began to have access to other better feeling thoughts. Then I noticed something else, I could actually create or manufacture better feeling thoughts at my will. I could access better feeling thoughts….What? WoooooHoooo….I am doing that. I am making myself feel better.

So I wondered to myself if this is possible for me to be in this condition whatever it was in this moment that I didn’t like, and stand here in this condition that I don’t like and think about Christmas that I love and feel really really good, even though I am in this situation, I wonder if it’s possible for me to find some better feeling thoughts about this condition while I am right here feeling good about Christmas. Then it became really apparent to me that while I was standing in this condition that I didn’t like that I was actually FEELING GOOD, it was possible for me to find one or two better feeling thoughts about the condition or situation. Hmmmmmmmm…I realized that I never had access to those two better feeling thoughts about this condition before. And those thoughts do feel better than what I had been thinking about it previously. I may be on to something here. The condition or situation didn’t change, but I did. I changed my thought about it. Hey wait a minute I did that. So the condition did not change but I changed my thought about the condition just a little bit and I found some little bit of relief…I felt it…I felt a little bit better…that was a real feeling….