I Keep Waking Up

sunlight coming through open door morningGood New Day you delicious Indigo Beings of The Indigo Room. I hope you slept in the wish fulfilled and you woke up that way.

Everyday is a new opportunity to be, do and imagine something different.

Each new day is filled with new delicious energies to wake up to. I know we often think oh I am woke and I get it now. But then a new day arises with new challenges. And this is the opportunity to wake up again. I love this journey of life. The things that used to stick in my craw yesterday have me rolling on the floor with laughter today. WOW!!

The journey is a process and you are asked each new day to step into the highest version of yourself today.

Some days you will want to fight it raising your vibration. Why can’t I just stay here?, you may ask. Because the journey is constantly unfolding and constantly changing asking you to adjust asking you if you are truly committed to what you say you want to be do and have. Your abundance lies within you. And only you have the opportunity to change it.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not here. You have today. You woke up today. Begin again right here in the present it is the best gift. You are the one you’ve been looking for.

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