Trust Your Inner Guidance

human shadows

Trust Your Inner Guidance

Good New Day you delicious Indigo Beings of The Indigo Room. I hope you slept in the wish fulfilled and you woke up that way.

Trust your intuition and inner guidance. The still small voice inside you is not a screaming roaring sound. That, loud voice most times is your ego.

It, your Ego gets uncomfortable moving from your comfort zone and will tell you all of the reasons that you will fail. The majority of times it is rooted in fear. More times than not when we let the Ego lead instead of the Intuition we encounter more challenges than necessary.

Doing shadow work or lower-self healing will clear up your energy. Then watch how your intuition guides you right where you desire to be.

Trusting your inner guidance is not always easy, because what if you are wrong. I know that feeling. But what if you are right? You will never know if you don’t even begin.

If you keep doing what you’ve done, you will keep getting what you’ve got. Just begin!

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