Just a Pondering

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Today I have been pondering two things, one we call reality, the thing we are living and one we call our dream, the thing we are not living. And I had an aha moment. Both are reality really, one we are living and one we are dreaming about. The reality we are living we just feel more than the other reality, the dream. They are both real otherwise the dream you are dreaming about would not even exist as a thought in your mind.

Abraham says that there is this bigger non-physical part of us which goes directly to that thought of whatever it is we are thinking about that will make this particular part of our reality better and that the way to be where that bigger part of us is now, is to close the gap between our “where we are standing reality” and “our what’s over there in that dream reality”. Both of these realities exist..one we FEEL MORE than the other. The one we feel more plays out as REAL to us.
Here is where it gets real interesting to me. The dream reality could not exist without that bigger part of us having already gone to over there. We get hints, we get thoughts, we get all kinds of clues, sometimes we get clobbered in our day to day experience about what would feel better. And the reason we get those hints is because the bigger part of us is already over there where we want to be having a most delicious time, and is calling us on over to join the fun.

Hmmm how do we get over there? Or I should say how do we close the gap because actually we are already over there we just have pinched ourselves off a bit..okay maybe alot. We feel our way through. Play our way through. Laugh our way through. Fun our way through. Talk more about that “dream reality” way way more than the other one. You have to give it more attention. I mean really feel that “dream reality” more because it exists and is as real as this keyboard I am typing on right now.

So it really isn’t about feeling it the “dream reality” real, it is real, both are real..it’s seems to me, it’s about feeling more of one, the one we want and less feeling about the one we do not.  One reality just feeds into the next.

Just a pondering..: )))

Love You Sydney