Using Your Language to Create Your Reality-Episode 127

indigoroomlogo09a2 On Monday, March 30, 2009 at 1pm eastern time,it will be my pleasure to have two very Awesome women joining us on The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality Talkshow, Joyce Morris and Llenar Bragg. Our topic of discussion will be Using Your Language to Create Your Reality.

A Bit about the ladies joining us on Monday.

Joyce Morris

Joyce Morris was raised by a blind father who taught her to be very sensitive to the menJoyce Morristal

images language creates.  Later in life she and her two sets of twins discovered an astounding power being unconsciously wielded in our spoken and silent words and their automatic mental images..  She has spent the last 10 years exploring and refining this power which she calls, “The Creator control panel.” Joyce is the author of  the delicious mp3 podcast 8 Magic Words to Change Your Life”, and 3 books, “How to Create Gold”, ‘“The Autobiography of God-The Awakening of Mankind” and “Put Your Mind in The Game”

Visit her website at

llenar1 Llenar Bragg
Llenar Bragg, host of the weekly No Out There Talkshow on BTR, is an ordained minister, consultant, guide, with 20+ years of national and international experience. Part of her “No Out There” coaching came from the ability to listen to what was NOT being said due to her being hearing impaired at an early age. She utilized her “disability” to listen to words, read lips, observe body language, and shifts that occurred during communication. This amazing gift provided her to be an expert on living life without blame or fault, and effective communication. The remaining part of her laser-like coaching comes from her logic skills honed from years as a computer programmer and the wisdom gained from living life. Visit her website at