Keep it to Yourself

The above image inspired this post. I found it on Facebook from a friend who shared it from a friend. That’s how things go on Facebook. It is not mine but it did however get me thinking.

Have you ever had an idea for a business, a book, an invention? Maybe you want to be an actress, director, or international speaker. Do you want to be a doctor, nurse, open your own restaurant, be a lawyer? I don’t care what it is. You have a desire to share your talents with the world. Honestly it is your duty to do so. You tell that best friend of yours, or your sister, maybe it’s even your mother or father. They give you a look, or they say one little word to you, “impossible”.  It might not be that one little word, it could be full on sentences. You are too old. You are too young. It will never work. You started to late. Wait until you have more experience. No one in our family ever did that before. You need an education. On and on. But wait, you believe them and you watch your dreams crumble into dust, you pick the dream dust up off the floor and place them on a shelf somewhere. Believe me, I know people mean well especially those who love us. But, if they have never done what you want to do, or have never been where you want to go, or they’ve never had what you are wanting to have, why on earth would you share your dreams with them? Don’t do it. Keep them to yourself until you feel solid about your plans. It is always a wonderful feeling to have the best kept dream secret locked up inside of you. You will catch yourself smiling more.

When I first decided to become an actress, I went out, got my head shots and I told NO ONE. I auditioned for films and plays and told NO ONE. I didn’t share my dream with anyone, until it was solid within me. I learned my lesson a long time ago, if you want to do something no one you know has done, you keep it to yourself. When I got my first gig, they were shocked.

Talk to people who have brought their dream into fruition. Do your research if necessary. Build it within your Imagination. Feel your progress. Chart your course. Plan your plan, put it down on paper. Protect it within you. You will be tempted to share it, you will be tempted to tell everyone who will listen. Don’t do it! Work on it silently. When your plan is solid within you, no one will be able to talk you out of your own dream. It is yours and you deserve it, and you deserve to have it become your reality.

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  1. Susana Guerra | October 3, 2012 at 12:32 pm |

    YES!!!! This is so so true. I think that bit about announcing your plans and intentions to everyone the minute you get an idea is BS! Haters will jump out of the woodwork and do every ish imaginable to sabotage your plans.
    Say your intention is to lose weight. You make an announcement to ‘friends’, family &/or co-workers. All of a sudden they are all cooking up everyone of your most favorite fattening dishes, and with an air of innocence and false sincerity they say things like, “oh I know you’re on a diet but,.. one bite won’t hurt” or “I made it just for you, because I know it’s your favorite.”
    I too have learned to go ahead with my intention first. then let others take notice of the change. Works better that way.

    • So true Susana and it does totally work better for them to see it after it’s done!! That is how I roll through the Universe nowadays. I keep the door to my dreams, goals, intentions shut to everyone else except myself and God within! 🙂

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