Manifestation Mondays, Sixth Sense,~The Wave 11:11, Abiola Abrams, 10/15/07 Episode-35

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Manifestation Mondays

Have you got a story you would like to share that would inspire another? Of course you do!! You can call in tonight to share it on the air yourself…or send us an e-mail and we will read it over the air for you…: )

The Goddess Factory Moment with Abiola Abrams.


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“LIVE TO CREATE.” Internationally-bred (Germany, Croatia, New York, Cali), Cali-fed. Born with passion to create, empower & enjoy life to the fullest ,Hip Hop Artist SixthSense realized his vision: unleash fire from within and bring music that not only entertains, but questions and often inspires. SixthSense realizes the power of his generation to create a mindblowin new reality for all – without any limits! Along with The Grad, SixthSense created to entertain & inspire compassion worldwide. 2007: in the lab – working on a debut album. Movie on the way. Hip-hop is about to change reality as we know it. The way is was meant to.

~ The Wave 11:11
The flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a storm in Texas. Isn’t that an amazing statement? Physicists call this theory “The Butterfly Effect” to explain how the breeze produced by a butterfly’s wings could set off a series of reverberations that over time have a tremendous affect on weather patterns thousands of miles away. Now imagine the impact of millions of butterflies… Currently on earth there is a “quickening” where more and more people are realizing there is much more to reality than meets the eye and are beginning to explore their consciousness. As we open up to the higher consciousness, we allow in a powerful energetic force which guides our individual evolutionary journey if we allow it to. At 11:11 am in your time zone on November 11th, 2007, we are going to unite together in Song, Prayer and Meditation for one complete hour. Search your heart and you will intuitively know the intentions in your role in healing the planet. Straddling the equator and bordering the International Date Line to the east, the people of the Republic of Kiribati will start ~ Wave 11:11~ and it will be passed around the planet until the final destination of the Republic of Marshall Islands, and the full day of wave energy flow will be completed.

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