My Definition of Wicky Wacky a Sydney-ism

I’ve used this expression hmmmmm about a billion times on the show. Wicky Wacky!!!

Wicky Wacky to me is a way to say having negative thoughts that don’t feel so good.

Here is the thing I just don’t really like the word Negative at all cause just the thought of it makes me feel all Wicky Wacky.

I like finding new words, thoughts, phrases, and ideas for old familiar ones. I like doing it cause it eases up my resistance to what I may be feeling wicky wacky about. And the term to me is just fun and silly. And when I have some hmmmmm for lack of a better word “negative” emotion going on…

I STOP and ask myself what has gotten me all wicky wacky, I find myself chuckling to myself if only for a moment…lol and I can kind of give myself a bit of relief…enough that I can pin point my Wicky Wackulation, and begin to ease myself Gently away from the Wackulation Train to Hell…lol which is the direction I would be heading if I stay on that Train.

I gotta tell you that Train is filled with all kinds of baaaaaaaaaad Mojo.

Imagine in your mind if you will..sort of like a Twilight Zone moment. You at a train station in between two trains. One has a sign you can barely make out on it, that says. ” Wicky Wacky train to Hell”…The Other Says big huge all bright, ” The Easy Train to Joy”. You can’t even for a moment believe that there is such a train…and you hop on Wicky Wacky Train cause hey alot of people are getting on that train…and they all can’t be wrong. Not too many are fooled into getting on the clean, fantastic Easy Train.

Ugh you get on that train and boy does it Suck!!

What do you do? Cause this train is going pretty fast, and it doesn’t seem like it even makes any sense to jump off. Even if you do you may hurt yourself in the process.

You notice one person, sort of like you, who decides they are gonna jump off.

And OMG!! You thinking to yourself are they Nuts???

You watch them roll a bit out of your window….they have a few bumps and bruises..but what you did not expect and what you could not see before, while you had your attention on all the Wicky Wackulations going on, on your train….

Was the Easy Train To Joy had stopped long enough for that person who leaped off of your train to hop on.

Now we don’t know if that person stayed on Easy Train to Joy..that is none of our business. But what it did was give you an idea that maybe if you leap off of this train, you too could hop on Easy Train to Joy…maybe, just maybe, you can get on that train instead of being on this stinky, sweaty, hot, packed to the gills with people Train.

The thing is, there is always a new, fresh, delicious, better feeling, Easy Train to Joy pulling in at the station…or stopping long enough to Allow you on whenever you decide enough Wicky Wackulation is enough.

That is sort of what LOA, Law of Attraction is to me. That’s what I see when I use the term Wicky Wacky all in the flash of a few What can I say that’s how my mind works. Okay? : ))

My new term for 09 seems to be Willy Wankas…don’t know what it is with the words that start with “W”…but they sure do make me laugh…And I know how to spell Willy Wonker correctly. I’ve seen the movie a billion times…

So what’s got you all Willy Wankas today? You do know he’s really the candy man right…lol.

Stay tuned for the next Sydney-ism
Gotta fly and thanks for stopping by
Huggs Sydney