NIP IT IN THE BUD..Good Rising <3

I AM 27The Students or individuals who are inclined to allow personalities or conditions that seem unusually close to them, to disturb them, should watch themselves closely —and instantly, when they find the attention is being fixed on the outer consciousness, withdraw it and fill the person, place, or condition with God, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” and declare to themselves: “I, through my I AM Presence,’ consciously fill this person, place, or condition with God. Therefore, in my outer consciousness, I positively know that only the right and perfect action is taking place there, toward me and for their success and happiness.”

With many individuals the love of family holds their attention entirely too much upon the outer appearances; and when they allow this to be done, they but intensify the things that they do not want.If parents will take this attitude toward their children, “There is no personality acting in that one; there is only God in Action!” then they are doing the greatest thing in their power to help their children. At first, it may require considerable determination on their part to switch the current, but it is really no more difficult than turning the switch of the electric light in your room or pressing the button.

The reason individuals find it difficult to do this is because they do not nip disturbing conditions in the bud. They allow a fierce momentum to get going and then suddenly become aware they are in distress never stopping to consider that they have allowed this thing to build, when by standing guard at the door of conscious creative thought and feeling, they can check it and stop its action in the beginning with little effort.

The I AM Discourses Vol. 4
“Mighty I AM Presence”! take me to the Golden Temple of Light tonight while my body sleeps! Charge my being and world with Its light, Energy and Perfection, and see that I bring back Its Full Perfection into my physical body and outer activity when I awaken.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.