Indigo Merkaba Activation: Dissolving Your False Selves & Clearing Your Energy Frequency E-Book


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Understanding what your Merkaba Vehicle is? How to activate it. Learn how to dissolve false selves and clear most negative energy for good!


This book was written to assist you with understanding what your Merkaba Vehicle, dissolving false selves aka(shadow selves) & clearing your energy frequency for good, Dear Indigo. 

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Below is an excerpt from the Indigo Merkaba Activation E-book.

Dear Indigo, you have a merkaba vehicle. Below you will find a brief explanation of what your merkaba is as it was channeled to me last summer. I was advised recently that it is now time to share that information with Indigos who are ready to ascend to a higher level of awareness. 

What Is Your Merkaba?

purple & blue merkabas sacred geometryIt is a vehicle which you used to assist you with your incarnation to planet earth. It protected you during your arrival and through your arrival for a time. Once you were born into this 3D dimension your merkaba disengaged from you at your place of birth. It is invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen by and through your third eye also known as the 6th chakra which by the way dear Indigo is the color indigo blue. 

It is still here with you on the earth plane and is provided to protect your energy once it is activated to do so. 

It is specifically connected to your physical, energetic and spiritual DNA. Your merkaba is unique to you. Even your twin flame and or soulmate has their own.

Your merkaba is dormant at the moment and is awaiting your activation of it.


The exercises in this book will help you to prepare your energy frequency, clear your energy frequency of negativity and teach you how to keep your energy frequency in a balanced state for good.

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