iam actveAgain, let Me remind you that self-pity is the strongest disintegrating force of any one attribute of negative consciousness. When a Student, because things have not been accomplished for him, suddenly takes the attitude, “Why isn’t this accomplished now?” —I want to say that this point is not of any consideration if he really wants his manifestation. His part is to stand with firm, unflinching determination to the only Power that ever acts, which is God in himself; and without thought or question of why a thing isn’t accomplished, take this stand: “By the Power of Almighty God in me, I know that whenever I stand with determined desire to accomplish something constructive, it cannot fail.” The thing that very often causes seeming failure is the very subtle point of wondering why it isn’t accomplished yet or doesn’t seem to be. Instead of wondering what energy should be sent forth, know that when the Decree has gone forth for any constructive desire, it is God acting. Then of course you must know and feel that it is impossible for It to fail. This is self-evident. Thus, in a simple manner is the consciousness utilizing this Mighty Energy as It should be used.

The following is the reason why Students delay the very thing that they wish to succeed in. As an illustration: if the Student has worked earnestly, knowing the Truth and consciously directing the Power in the right manner, and then if he suddenly allows discouragement or despondency to sweep over him for one hour, he may—according to the intensity of the feeling—dissolve all he has accomplished through days of earnest work. This is a reminder to the Student to stand his ground and never yield or give power to anything but that Mighty Presence of God, which accomplishes all things through His Mighty Presence and Power of Divine Love.~~The I AM Discourses, Ascended Master Instruction, Vol. 4


There is a “Presence” in man/woman, and the Light from that Presence is his Understanding. That “Presence,” that Light, and that Understanding is “I AM”; and “I AM” That “I AM”!

~I AM Adorations and Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.