September 10, at 8pm LaSal: The Other Side Speaks/Spiritual Myspace

September 10, 2007


Host of The Other Side Speaks

The Other Side Speaks on talkcast ID 41402. LaSal host of The Other Side Speaks, has been doing readings for over 35 years, and has worked with the Professional Psychic Counselors Network as well. LaSal connects those who’ve passed on from the physical back to Non-physical, and as she states on her own show, “You never know who is going to show up.” So if you are looking to connect with a loved one come and join us tonight.

Spiritual Myspace
Our second hour we are chatting with some folks who are making
spiritual connections right on myspace. If you thought myspace was just
for kids, then check out some of our myspace friends


Tantra & Chandi of (KarmaCaffe),


Embracing Angel,




Coach Heidi

to name a few. Book of The Month Ask and It is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks, 17 seconds, Website of the Day, Myspace of The Day, Word & Thought of the Day, Good News Segment.