Feeling Bad about Feeling Bad??

You ever feel good and then the next day for whatever reason you just don’t? Nothing really happened outside of yourself to make you feel that way…you just do. I have found that some days you just bump into some vibrations that you got going on inside that just don’t feel good.

For me that was yesterday. Now I could just chalk it up to 9/11 and keep it moving…but it went deeper than that. I woke up at 6am yesterday feeling pretty good, made a list of things I intended to do and a list that I wanted God, The Universe to handle. And I was sort of zippin along and bam!

I hit some sadness around 8am. Hmmmmm what is this???

Yesterday was a Somber day here in NYC ,true but again I say it was more than that…and so I chose to be quiet and listen to what was going on inside of me and what I was feeling inside of me. I just allowed the sadness to sweep over me like a tidal wave.

And I cried.

I allowed the sadness to rise to the surface and I cried.

I cried off and on for about 2 hours. Just like Ms Gertie a guest on our show for Labor Day says’s “Sometimes you just have to cry. Tears are a good thing…use em, that’s what God gave you tears for to release that energy you got going on inside of you.”

So I felt my feelings. Deeply. And allowed myself this delicious time to feel sad. And I enjoyed loving myself and soothing myself and I felt hopeful that this would pass. I found some of the things that were making me sad yesterday. I realized what those things were going on inside of me that needed attention. And I allowed them room to be what they were before I got to the business of moving that energy. Actually I didn’t do much to try and move them at all to a better feeling place. In doing this work within I knew that if I allowed myself to allow my emotions to be what they are and love them anyway, very soon I would feel better without much effort on my part. See as long as I didn’t beat myself up for feeling sad, half the battle was already won.

I decided in my sadness to feel hopeful that the sadness would pass. Who knew how long I would feel this way but it felt good to feel hopeful about not being sad for long…: ). And you know what? As I stated I eventually found those thoughts that brought on those sad feelings…and I realized I had never ever moved that energy on those particular subjects within me. And this was a delicious opportunity for me to see where I was emotionally, to see what it is I am thinking about that I don’t want and to begin the journey gently, towards what I do want. That’s what our emotions are for. They are our tools, our guidance system, our maps not unlike mapquest. Here I am …Sadness on A B C and D….here is where I want to be…. Hopeful on A B C and D.

Now how do you get there? Like I said I just began feeling hopeful that I wouldn’t feel Sadness for long. Then I looked at what I was feeling Sadness about, looked at what I didn’t want…(and in being clear on what I didn’t want, being clear on what I was observing within that was making me feel sad)…I was better able to determine what I did want. Ahhhh delicious….So now I was really clear on what I did want. And I wrote it all out. Then I began visualizing what I wanted…and you know what I began to feel a scooch better…: )

Well today is a brand new day…and the good news is I know where I am currently..and I absolutely know where I want to be, and I am not beating myself up for having my sad feelings and that feels Good.

So I say all of this to say….if you find yourself feeling a little or alot wicky wacky…give yourself some time to feel your feelings acknowledge them, allow them, wallow in them if you have to…and love them for the indicators they are…be glad they are rising to the surface of your awareness….thank them..show them and yourself a little love …cut yourself some slack and you too will move your own energy to a different place.

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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. I have found this to be true in my life as well. I believe I need to love and accept all of my feelings, they all have a right to be acknowledged. Once I feel them, accept them, and allow them to move through me, I learn and I grow. Then, I lovingly let them go, so the Universe can hold them for me. That leaves room in my heart and in my soul for growth and love to come in and fill the spaces. All of our emotions teach us and help move us forward and I am grateful for all of them — and this amazing process we call “life”.

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