September 17, 2007 Manifestation Mondays/Healing in The Rain Forest of Costa Rica/Goddess Factory

The Goddess Factory Moment with Abiola Abrams.

Manifestation Mondays..Be Inspired! Inspire Others!

Healing in the Rain Forest of Costa Rica. .
Joining us this month on our Manifestation Mondays Series, Barry Stevens his wife Artist Nanci Wright and Film Maker Ken Herft. Find out what is happening in the Rain Forest of Costa Rica.

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Join us tonight at 8pm Eastern Time in The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality. “It’s a Spiritual Thing, You would Understand!”

El Puente-The Bridge

Barry Stevens is a co-founder and corporate officer, with extensive experience in business. He is an author (How To write A Successful Business Plan, Life Planning Workbook.) He has worked extensively with startups, and has assisted in raising millions of dollars in startup capital.

Nanci Wright is a co-founder and corporate officer, and is a world-class wildlife artist. Her work continues to be sold around the world, and her new Costa Rica Jungle Series is proving popular in selected galleries as well as through the Internet. All profits from sales of her art are being donated to The Bridge. El Puente del Caribe, S. A., is a Costa Rican Corporation, with offices in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica, and a mailing address in El Cajon, California, USA. The Microloan Program, School Program, and Food Program are operating units of El Puente del Caribe, S. A. , managed as a non-profit by design. Any profits earned are immediately put into spending for each of its operating projects.

Ken Herft Jr.

Ken is both a filmmaker and an archivist of indigenous cultures throughout the world. A graduate from California State University at Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television production and a minor in Photo Journalism, Ken has been working as Director of Photography and Camera Operator in documentaries, commercials, feature films and television for over 15 years. He is an active member of IDA, IATSE & NABET. Ken also works in still photography emphasizing nature, landscapes and human tribes around the world. He has been traveling to Central America and has spent months at a time there over the past eight years, befriending and living with the indigenous people of Costa Rica.