September 14 , 2007 at 8pm EST Joey Klein & Awakening Indigos Series

We are continuing our Awakening Indigos Series and chatting with Spiritual Teacher Joey Klein on September 14, 2007 at 8pm Eastern Time.

Joey Klein

If we are suffering, we want suffering to stop. This is a universal experience. So what do we usually do? We try to change the circumstances surrounding us that we think are causing us to suffer. Most of us find this doesn’t work very well or for very long. We find ourselves playing out the same patterns again and again no matter what kinds of changes we make externally, but we don’t know how to make it stop. We can’t figure out why we keep having the same relationships, attracting the same types of people or the same circumstances.

Permanent release from suffering comes through realizing we are far more than we think we are. When we realize that we are light itself, our experience of suffering ends. Suffering is optional. We do not have to repeat our mistakes again and again. We can choose another path, where change on the inside leads to effortless change on the outside.

This enlightened state is available to all of us, in this lifetime, if we choose it. More and more people are awakening to this truth. Endless love, peace, gratitude, and compassion are available to us at all times; we only need awaken to our connection.

Joey Klein’s teachings help each of us become aware of and fully move into our own light. Much like constructing solar panels to capture sunlight, we learn mental, emotional, physical and spiritual practices that allow us to tap into the ever-present divine energy of our own Higher Self, to live more and more fully in our natural state, which is love. You are love.

There are only two forces of creation in the universe- love and fear. You are aligned with one or the other in every moment. The choice is yours. Are you ready to own the light that you are?

Awakening Indigos Series Part 2

“The Awakening has begun and the great gathering has begun. Times they are a changing and Indigos are here to assist with that great shift. It is not enough to know, or think that you are Indigo, it is time to be aware of the reason for you’re being here in this time and space. It is time to hear the call of spirit within, to love and to evolve. It is time to hear the call of one who knows who you are..and listen to your heart and fear not. These are great times and the clarion has sounded, reach to the heavens and know the truth of who you are Indigo Love…Love is your power now.” ~~The Eleven-One

Last month we began Awakening Indigos, the first episode in our Indigo series. We began the discussion about the Indigo Realm what is it, who are Indigos why we are here.

This month the discussion continues. If you know someone who is Indigo or if you think you may be Indigo do join us.