The Students must all realize that no longer shall they give one single appearance less than Perfection any power by their attention. Shut it off instantly and say to your human self: “Come back here! Go to your Presence’ and stay there! Don’t you dare get out of line here. ” Remember, when any discord is acting, it is not your “Presence”; therefore, it only has what power you give it. This firmness I am speaking about, in taking your stand against discord, withdraws the Power of your Life that has been fed into it, and the condition cannot touch you or harm you. Oh, be firm about it! Do not yield any longer to these conditions which have taken your Life, harmed and limited you.

Do feel, Beloved People, that there is not one thing in the outer world which can touch, affect, limit, or use your energy but by the power of your attention. Do you not see that your attention is the first fundamental, either to Victory or to the depths. Do you not see that nothing in the world can act without your attention through which to act, because it must use your Life! Oh, these Laws are so practical. These mighty Truths of Life are so important, and tonight We are bringing them into powerful use.

Ascended Master Light, I AM DISCOURSES, Vol. 7


“Mighty I AM Presence”! release Your Love and Light as of a Thousand Suns and maintain Your Perfection here forever!

“Mighty I AM Presence”! come forth! Charge my being and world every second of this day and forever with Ascended Master Perfection, instantly and eternally manifest.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.