Now notice these two activities. I am sure so few have really understood this particular point. It is one which I hope to make clear to you and hold it eternally before you in gaining your Dominion. It is the need of your complete cooperation in your feeling with your Call to the “Presence.” When you have made your Call to your “Presence,” do not let your human have a single opinion about it, except to accept its full outer picture or manifestation of that which you have called for. If you will take a firm stand in that with your “Presence” when you give the Command, you will find no difficulty whatever in having your Calls answered.

So many thousands of the Students are having their answers more and more rapidly. We see them everywhere throughout America. They are having more and more instantaneous manifestations. But I prompt every Student throughout America and the World, when you begin to gain the Powers of the “Presence” in action through your physical form, I warn you — stand on guard that your human does not rush in and tempt you to use those Powers indiscriminately. It is not that the Powers of the “Presence” are limited in any way; but your Application of them at the present, and in the present condition of the World, needs very great discrimination.

You may wonder why the Students are being prompted so much at this time upon this particular point. It is vital. We do not always think it is wise to give the Inner explanation of why it is so. I think you have sufficient confidence in Us to rely upon Us until you see all of the outer activity from the Inner standpoint, as clearly as We do. We, who have been the Initiators of mankind for hundreds of centuries, know the exact requirement, Beloved Ones, of every one. While this is My first time in coming close into the radiance of the Students, yet I say to you, I am rejoiced to find as much Purification going on as has already been accomplished.

There are many things I wish We could say to mankind at this time, because to many it would be of infinite encouragement and strength; but others would take it as license. Therefore, We must refrain until such time as all will comprehend, or until Groups are drawn together who are equally ready. I question whether that will take place, because of the Great Cosmic Light now flooding the Earth; for It is becoming— now notice this, please the Great Initiator for the Earth in the future. No longer will mankind go into Retreats; for in the outer world of human activity, individuals will gain their Initiation and Freedom. Whatever you gain in the outer world of mankind today, is a greater Victory than if you went within the seclusion of the Retreats as in the past.

You think your experiences of the outer world are severe, but they are not in comparison to those which the individual went through in the centuries when Saint Germain and others gained their Victories. Sometimes you think the appearance which stands before you is terrifying. It is only slightly so in comparison with that which confronted the Initiate in and before His Victory. Now make no mistake about it —those were real Laws and very definite! Their experiences were not imaginary things. While they were sometimes created and projected to test the individual, yet to that individual they were none the less real. Therefore, today you are living in an identical activity, because from the thought and feeling world there is every conceivable thing being projected at you. Now notice that carefully, Beloved Ones! Thought and feeling creations from the world of human accumulation are constantly being catapulted at your mental and feeling world. These sometimes temporarily affect the individual. One blessed brother in your city was gaining such marvelous progress, yet in an unguarded moment he was turned aside because of insufficient guard.

Ascended Master Light, I AM DISCOURSES, Vol. 7


“Mighty I AM Presence”! come forth! Govern and solve this situation harmoniously forever.

“Mighty I AM Presence”! shut the door of my being and world forever against all human creation, and instantly annihilate all that attempts to open it.
Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.